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  1. I've been away from audio for awhile, getting life together and the like. How many of you are here that know me from back in the day. Hope to hear from you all soon.
  2. Are they worth paying 3x the price for a nice vintage I or II... I mean how much of an improvment could they of made. I am considering the III's however, should I just save myself a bundle of money, buy a mint vintage pair and be done with it. Or is there really enough improvement to buy new (nice thing about buying new is that you are the only one to own that piece, I am willing to pay a little more for that, but not thousands if there is not much differance in sound quality) James
  3. I want to trade my laptop for audio equipment, preferbly a turntable, however I am open to any trade you can offer... The laptop is in good condition, it has always been my spare... It is a super portable, light weight, and long lasting 12" 700m laptop. Has a 1.6ghz Pentium "M" Mobile processor. A dvd/ cd-r/cd-rw drive. 40gb hard drive. 512mb memory. It has an extended 8-cell 5hr battery, the original ac power adapter, all original software, and a booq laptop bag (perfect fit). These sell regularly on ebay for between $400-600, I paid around $1600 new I just want to skip selling on the bay, I hate ebay and have had so many bad experiences in the past. Let me know, James
  4. A picture of my old system with my custom speakers, no stands however...
  5. Yes, I have been running with Forest; one day I just didn't feel like running anymore. I have sold most of my system when I left for college, all I have now are my custom speakers (2) fostex 206-e's (1) fostex super tweeter (2) 6.5" powered subs per speaker, custom build 2" steal stands (filled with sand, on spikes), for the moment amplification is provided by a Harman/ Kardon hk430, and a thosiba 24bit dvd player for a souce. At the moment I am looking and single-ended tube amps to fill in for the hk430, and I will keep upgrading from there, I just wanted to start over, more or less, with my system, keeping only the speakers, which are amazing and are never leaving me. -James
  6. For those of you who remember me, Crazytubepower is back, It has been alittle less than a year since I last was active on this board and now I am back. Just a hello to all of the old friends from the forum, and I look foward to continuing my participation in this board. I have yet to find another board that I enjoy more than the klipsch forums, and even though at present time I no longer own any Klipsch speakers, they were my first love, and will adorn my room once again in the near future. -James
  7. So for all you klipsch lovers, and I am one of them, however I no longer own any klipsch but plan to again one day soon. Why klipsch, why do you like the brand, the sonics, everything. Thought this would be an intresting topic that has been on my mind for a little while now. James
  8. guys I will suriously take any sum of money,,, I need at least something, and soon. I know I must sound desparate but I really do need this money. If you pay me tonight it will be sent out first thing in the morning... Please if you can do it, help me out. Thanks so much for even looking
  9. Well its just my cell phone bill... and if I don't get it payed before 6pm, then my dad will not let me have a phone anymore, i wanted to have it my 4 to be safe, but now I have to sit and wait it out to see if I can get the unit sold...
  10. Only about 10 min. before I have to have the money... Make any offer at this point... The $400 would be nice but I am open to anything... Please...
  11. I was able to get back on the computor... I only have about an hour left before I have to leave so I can pay this bill... So I am open to offers... Please, again I ask you if you can buy this wonderful tuner, as I need a paypal payment within the next hour so I can take the money out of my paypal account and pay this bill. Let me know, and thanks so much.
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