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  1. Hi, What should be my Subwoofer level set to if all my speakers are set to 85db. The sub is behind and to the left of the couch. Reciever is Denon AVR-2801. Thanks
  2. I just ordered SVS PC 25-31 powered subwoofer from svsubwoofers.com to join my KLF-30, C-7 , KSP -S6 and Denon AVR 2801. Anyone has any positive or negative input on these subs and the company that sells them? Thanks
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    My budget is $500
  4. Ok, so what should the reading be?
  5. Hello, My KSP-S6 don't sound as I think they should. I feel that my KLF - 30 mains totally shut them down. They also shut down C-7 center. Perhaps I didn't set up speaker configuaration on my reciever right. Right now I have all my speakers at 0 db?. Should they be equal? What is the most common conf. I don't have a sub. What should the base level be on my mains? Now I have it at 0 as well. Sorry if this may not sound clear. Boris Denon AVR-2801 KLF-30 C-7 KSP-S6
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    Hello, Which sub would you recommend with klf-30, c-7,ksp-s6 and Denon AVR-2801 RECIEVER. NOT TOO EXPENSIVE PLEASE? DO I NEED A SUB AT ALL? THANKS
  7. Hi, I spent two days trying to set up my Dennon AVR -2801 and I still can't get it right. The worst thing is that I don't even know if maybe I am missing any wires. I have one coaxial wire that goes out from DVD to coaxial input in the reciever. I also have S-Video wire that goes to the TV and so on I don't even remmember any more. I am totally confused in all this wiring. I am new to this, so please if you have this reciever look at your wires and help. Thanks
  8. I don't have a subwoofer..
  9. Hello, My reciever = Denon AVR-2801 Mains = KLF30 Center = C7 Surrounds = KSP-S6 Which ones should be set to small and which ones to large when setting up the system? Thank YOU.
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