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  1. I got my quintet and KSW10 here in Philippines on a sale from an authorized dealer. It was some of the remaining units they have had for display then but nevertheless, they gave me one year warranty. Got them at around $268( I hope I got a bood buy for these ). The KSW10 is doing a lot better now with the settings suggested by Nicholas and the others. Thanks a lot for the help.
  2. Thanks a lot Nicholas for the the explanations and possible solutions you gave. Will try all of those and hope for the best on my quintets and KSW10. Ron
  3. thanks THX for the reply. you really seem to be in thx certified gadgets..
  4. Thanks guys for the replies. I did not try what Blackmesa was suggesting coz' I know the sub is working,I ain't getting much of what I expected I guess, to imagine a 10 inch sub can do compared to the 6.5 of the Altec Lansing 621. I guess I'm expecting my room to rumble and thump in big bass sound that would come from the KSW10 sub. My room is small and not acoustically treated but I could hear good bass from the Altec 621 then. Anyway, will check again the connections and do your suggestions and see if there's any difference. By the way, do you think guys that the logitech Z-680 is better than the Klipsch Quintet w/KSW10 sub? just wondering.
  5. Sub volume level is set to 10, I usually put the volume on the receiver at almost full to get most of the bass. I am new at this and would really need some assistance. Also, there are other knobs on the back of the sub which I am not that familiar of. I would appreciate if you could explain those stuff for me like the 0-180 phase and the Hz thing. I am used to the out of the box amplified speaker set up like the altec lansing 621. Thanks Mark for finding my query not stupid.
  6. I recently bought the Quintet I bundled with the KSW10.I had set-up with an 80watts/channel 5.1 receiver. My problem lies with the sub giving out little bass volume. I made the right connections so far using a "Y" RCA cable to the sub out of the receiver. What would be the right adjustsments I should do to get the most of the bass from the sub. Help. Thanks, Ron
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