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  1. I’m tired of the excuse that this administration inherited an empty cupboard.  Even if that lie were true, why did it take 3 1/2 years to look in the cupboard?

    Again, ask your state and local government officials this question.

    The better question is, if state and local government fail to prepare for disruptive events should the federal government bail them out?

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  2. Destroy this country?  Say what?  
    Yea, how about that Fox News....aren't they wonderful?

    Hmmm...watch the daily briefings and decide for yourself what you choose to believe from media sources. It’s called independent thinking.

    Do you really think that any/most of us are gullible enough to believe any one news source? Condescending much?

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  3. It's a simple equation---Liberals get their twisted news from liberal media and conservatives get their twisted news from conservative media and that's the way it is in 2020. Their are no facts involved in any method.

    This is the reason I watch the Corona Task Force’s daily news briefings and could care less what the media says.

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  4. States who come in greatest contact with international travelers in great numbers should have invested in preparedness. For decades the world has been giving the China Communist Party a free pass on their crimes because of gluttonous profits from the slave labor. CDC and NIH were so conditioned to the lies from WHO and China they seemed disconnected in January and beginning of February. I read about Taiwan human to human contact data in January and thought something odd was happening.

    I relate this event to states affected by hurricanes not being prepared. New Orleans, Louisiana...Hurricane Katrina is a perfect example of state and local government not being prepared.

    One example from New Orleans. Millions of dollars in school buses and public transportation buses flooded and were a total loss as a result of Katrina. Thousands of lives were lost. Why weren’t those buses used to move citizens to safer area? It’s not like Louisiana didn’t know what would happen in an event like Katrina. That’s just one example.

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  5. Sorry, you’re defending a slippery lying chameleon.  He’s already backed off saying that he was only being sarcastic.  Even if true (very doubtful), what kind of leader would try to be so cute and engage in gaslighting when facing the mortality rate we’re seeing.  I would hope that people would be smarter than to blindly follow a narcissistic clown and defend his lies. 
    I know this link is from a “mainstream” media source rather than the fringe sources that Trump defenders are more comfortable with but take a look and watch the video if you can stand fact checking and transparency.

    Maybe you should run for President!

    I would not tune into CNN even if it was the last media outlet on the face of this earth. Sorry.

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  6. I considered it normal business brainstorming from a 70 year old guy working 7 days a week for two months and not sleeping well. I say stupid crap more than I would like.

    Another thing. The states and local governments are responsible for preparedness. They failed miserably so the federal government had to step in and help.

    Now some of these states are wanting bailouts when they were already operating in the red.

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  7. I considered it normal business brainstorming from a 70 year old guy working 7 days a week for two months and not sleeping well. I say stupid crap more than I would like.

    It’s really disheartening that some people just do not take this into consideration. In my opinion, everything that can be done is being done. He’s doing everything he possibly can.

    It’s a fact that the nation’s medical stockpile was depleted and never replenished by the prior administration. So, the current administration started in the negative from the beginning.

    I would love to hear some constructive criticism on what else the administration could have done. I’m personally tired of all the negativity and twisting of everything that’s put forth. I swear I thought people were smarter than to just blindly follow the media. That’s the really scary part.

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  8. Well the plus is an open book.  Can't beat that even if ideas are out there.  Need to try new therapies even if it isn't injecting lysol or taking chlorine tablets.
    Considering a vaccine is likely a year away (unless they have to reset on mutations), therapies are the only way to go until enough of us are immune or dead.

    I was going to add that I would rather hear EVERYTHING than have it done in secret. And yes...the mainstream media is completely ridiculous. Sad, that they choose to destroy this country for whatever reasons.

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  9. Considering you have a bunch of folks (FDA/CDC/Fauci) there that the safe answer is the only answer (my opinion they need to get off their butts and feel some pain out of this), there needs to be some push to try new therapies (even if they are out there a ways).  Everything has got to be tried and true.  If that was the case, we'd never have new therapies for anything because nobody would have new ideas.  Need to push the envelop on ideas and time frames.

    And this is why he asks the tough (appearing to be stupid questions). Puts them on the spot. If folks are stupid enough to inject themselves with disinfectant, ingest Tide Pods are whatever other drugs and chemicals, let them do it.

    Let’s just continue the “dumbing down of America”. That will solve all of our problems.

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  10. This has probably been discussed elsewhere, but my veterinarian friend strongly recommended those finger O2 saturation monitors, like that shown below.  He recommended using one as soon as any symptoms appear.  Your O2 saturation level should be greater than 90%.  If below 90%, get to an ER ASAP.
    I ordered one.  They’re not expensive.  Stay healthy.

    Great idea. Thinking we need to order one. When I was so sick back in January my O2 level dropped to 82% by the time I saw my doctor on January 3. White blood count was elevated, fever, congestion, headaches. Felt like my body was attacking me. She wanted me to go to the hospital and admit through the ER. Thank God I argued with her and was prescribed meds and oxygen for home use. Took almost a month to fully recover. Was it CV19? I’m pretty convinced it was since I tested negative for the flu.

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  11. Can you imagine how much better it would have been for him, if, instead of lying by claiming he was being sarcastic, he would have said something like the following?
    “I was incorrect.  I should not have speculated about the efficacy of medical therapies.  I should leave medical opinions to the medical experts.  I apologize if anyone ingested or injected disinfectants after my musings.”
    Unfortunately, that will not happen. 

    So, should he apologize for asking the experts if they were looking into those therapies? Should he apologize because the mainstream media takes every single thing he says or does and twists it to support an agenda? I’m just curious on your reasoning?

    By the way I agree that he could have handled it differently. It’s a little difficult to be apologetic when everything you say or do is criticized to the extreme.

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    You are correct, but he shouldn't be tossing out things like this in presentations. From CNN:
    Then, he asked aides on camera whether zapping patients with light or injecting disinfectant into the lungs to clean sick patients from inside could cure them of the disease.
    "Maybe you can, maybe you can't. Again I say maybe you can, maybe you can't. I'm not a doctor. I'm like a person who has a good you-know-what," Trump said, pointing to his head."

    He asked if was being tested or researched although my memory could be wrong.

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  13. Anyone got this answer?  How long will this virus live on the sidewalk?  My brother has to go to the hospital today for a CAT scan that the doctor says is essential and worth the risk. I suggested filling this spray bottle with alcohol and spraying his shoes upon return; but He says he'll just leave his shoes outside when he returns; but Saturday afternoon, I have a grocery delivery arriving. The delivery folks put the groceries on the walkway right outside my door, in the same area that everyone unavoidably walk on. Being in an apartment, I can't hose down the walkway, which is 100% in the shade, 100% of the time. 
    Anyone know if this will live for days on an outside cement sidewalk?
    would being concerned about this be going too far?  

    Using proper precautions spray the shoes, tops and bottoms. Once disinfected move them to a closet, bathroom or other area.

    Spray walkway area after shoes are moved. Be sure to use proper guidelines when bringing groceries in and putting them away. [mention]BigStewMan [/mention]

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  14. Hmmmmmmm.  Thinking of changing my screen name to RandyH to see what havoc I can wreak.

    Just stop. I can’t take too much more. Love ya’ Carl. I need quite a few of those Lemoncello martinis about now! Tell your awesome wife I said hello!!!



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  15. I wasn't aware that changing your screen name was against tos.  From a prior discussion a while back, the powers that be even explained how to do it, and the parameters including one could lose the former name if someone else snagged it during the 30 day minimum period.

    Randyh had requested that his account he deleted and further stated he no longer wished to participate in this forum. Deleting an account has to be performed by Chad. Several
    Posts appeared from 000. I received several PMs asking who 000 was. It’s been confirmed that is actually Randyh. Not against TOS.

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  16. I think in many states, the government has taken action to require forbearance that protects people from foreclosure, eviction, utility cuts.  I’m not saying that any government should take “control.”  Leadership would be nice though it’s only emerging locally.  I agree there are no easy answers - “it’s a kaka sandwich and we all gotta take a bite.”

    You are correct about forebearance etc. exactly how long are landlords, utility companies, banks supposed to go without payment?

    It is the responsibility of the states and local government to prepare for disasters such as this. They weren’t prepared. Exactly how much of this should the federal government be responsible for? Where does it end?

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  17. Is posting links from Hillsdale College (promoted by Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin) spreading fake news?

    If an article or speech is posted in its entirety how is it fake news. The reader can make their own determination. Or, are you saying people aren’t smart enough to decide what’s fake and what’s not when given adequate information.

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