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  1. Hey guys!

    I'm currently in the process of choosing speakers and possibly a receiver/amplification for my system.

    Now I've read a lot of threads which advocate setting the main speakers to small, however big they may be, and letting the sub handle all the relatively low bass (say 80Hz and under). I've also read a lot of threads concerning the ol' bookshelf/small towers vs. big towers debate, with one side saying big towers are useless in that config because their main benefit is better/more bass, and thus you could get more for your money by spending it on smaller speakers with better tonal accuracy, balance, soundstage and whatnot. Those threads never really came to a definite conclusion, however.

    I was originally going for the RF-7, because I knew that if I didn't get the best, I'd always have that little nagging voice in my head. Plus, the difference in price is not something lethal for my wallet.

    BUT, in light of the discussions I mentioned above, wouldn't it be best to go with, say, the RF-5, or even the RF-3II, compound the savings by going with the matching and less expensive RC-3, and spend the extra money on better amplification or savings for future upgrades or DVDs?


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  2. I heard of shipping before...

    apparently, they are not the best company ou there for what they do, I'd probably try tax, their products are superior in quality.



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    "Pump up the treble!"

  3. what about the sub?

    i'd be curious about the shipping on an SVS from the states to Dubai... probably half the sub's value!

    how do you like the receiver's remote? how flexible is it, how programmable? I know you're into computers too, so that's why I'm asking... or are you waiting for the whole setup to take shape to start tweakin'?

    ya better take some pictures so I can drool all over the keyboard, man!

  4. sorry to intrude...

    i'd just like a final answer: why is it better (i am assuming it is) to use two wires from the same output than biwire from the A and B output of a receiver?

    is it because you're putting twice the load on the amp, therefore creating impedance problems?

    and i'm guessing the most practical solution for hookup to the receiver is one wire using banana plugs and the other using screwed bare wire, right?

    just need some practical info, i am going to attempt this on my new RF-7s, when I finally make the plunge.


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

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  5. If I'm reading your description correctly, it wouldn't work.

    The prologic receiver will take the stereo rear signal and decode a matrixed signal for the rear center, taking (that's my understanding at least) ONLY the sounds that are recorded at the same level left and right and putting them in the middle.

    What your setup would achieve is take ALL the info from the stereo rear signal and transform it into a common rear center. It's completely different from matrixing, as matrixing extracts the relevant info while you'd just be taking all of it and putting it in the middle (in addition to the left and right).

    Correct me if I'm wrong guys!

  6. I wouldn't know about the image quality of the newer plasma TVs...

    I know the one we had in demo at the store was pretty pathetic, it wasn't even as good as the better projection screens we have, and not even close to a good CRT.

    I don't have experience with a projector, however, given the budget, I wouldn't even ask myself the question, and I would go with the equivalently priced projector simply for the image size factor.

    You're never going to get the same impression of grandeur as in the movies with a plasma or any other type of TV, however, fill up a wall of nice image, and there is no way you're making me go back to the theater!


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  7. i don't think so.

    some of the less knowledgeable sales guys at our store had that rumor floating around, but apparently, and I got this from a very knowleadgeable source, it isn't true.

    just get an extended warranty on it, to be sure.


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  8. the sony pre/pro does not have all the latest formats, such as DTS-ES, 6.1 discrete, etc...

    plus, I'd have to buy more than one amp so that I could power my rears (no way I'm using the Sony for all channels, plus it couldn'T power the rear center).

    so the TA-E9000ES is not an option.


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  9. i would get the 4802 now and then consider amp upgrades down the rtoad, but i feel it's just too much. i mean, i don't want to spend those ridiculous amounts of money just for a hobby, I have more important things to take care of. I have to be realistic from time to time...

    so it is either Denon 3802 with TA-N9000ES or Denon 4802. The 4802 would sound better apparently, but it is more expensive after rechecking it. so what shall i do?


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  10. i can't find the power rating at 4ohm...

    i am starting to think that I might be better off going with the 4802, as it is a couple hundred less expensive than the 3802/TA-N9000ES combo.

    I just saw a post on the hometheater forum that said, and I quote:


    The Parasound 1800 coupled with a Sony TA-N9000ES amp sounded worse than the Sony DA777ES flagship receiver and about the same as the combo Denon 3802 + Sony TA-N9000ES.

    I tried the Sony TA-E9000ES preamp at home for a few weeks and it sounded very good indeed. I returned it hoping that the Outlaw 950 will be better. The Outlaws themselves hinted at this on their site: "Our initial testing tells us that the noise floor is incredibly low and that all other "techy" specs are equal to, or better than, products costing two to three times as much as the 950 in both analog and digital performance".


    I guess, since from what I know the Denon 4802 is better than the Sony DA777ES, that the Denon 4802 would thus be better than a 3802/TA-N9000ES combo. I have emailed the guy to clarify this. I am also worried that the guy was using the TA-N9000ES to power all 5 channels, which is not what I intend to do.

    If the Denon 4802 offers as much, or nearly as much performance as the Sony/Denon combo, then I will get it, for a couple reasons:

    1) it's cheaper (not by much though)

    2) it has more features (love that remote)

    3) I can always add another amp to that later on

    However, I am worried that there might be some new standards (7.1) on the way that will plunge the 4802 into obsolescence, making that huge investment irrelevant in a year or two from now.


    I have found 4ohm numbers for the Sony TA-N9000ES amp... and it doesn't look too good. Apparently the power is DOWN 10watts in 4ohm vs. 8ohm operation...

    Making the Denon 4802 a more and more attractive option. But I really wanted to jump into the separates bandwagon! On the other hand, I checked out the specs on the Denon 2802 and it looks like it would do as good a job as a pre/pro/rear channel amp as the 3802... or am i missing something here?

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  11. i don't want to believe that nobody else here has heard or had experience or has any opinion on that piece of gear...

    any of you superfreaks care to look at its architecture and tell me whether it looks like an amp worthy of the RF-7?

    I have seen people say that it is underpowered compared to specs, but I won't need all that much power anyways for those super efficient RF-7s.

    I have also read that it is better to run it in 2 channel mode than in its BTL mode. true?


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  12. hi,

    after much consideration and a lot of help from the guys over at hometheaterforum.com, I have decided to go with the Denon 3802 over the 4802 for my future RF-7/RC-7 speakers.

    I am now considering outboard amplification, either for now or the near future, knowing full well I will never be completely satisfied with the level of performance the 3802 offers, and knowing that some good separates solutions could be had for the same price as a 4802.

    Therefore, I am now looking at the Sony TA-N9000ES amplifier. The specs look impressive, people all over the internet and on this forum seem to like it, and it is available to me. It seems to qualify, but I have a few questions:

    -if you have it or have auditioned it, how is it? looking for any relevant info here.

    -would the sound be too harsh, or aggressive, for my horn-loaded Klipsch, as opposed to the supposedly more mellow sound of Denon products?

    -how about the following solution: running the amp in its bridged 3-channel mode (200 watts L/R and 120 watts for the center) and using the 3802's amplification for the rear and rear surround channels?? I would think that it would fit my speaker combo and philosophy perfectly, no? (lots of money in the front, the rears aren't as important, they need to be there but they don't need to be as accurate/musical/powerful as the fronts because of the limited amounts and voulmes of sound coming out of them)

    i would of course use the 3802 for all pre/pro functions, as I hear it is often used that way and quite good at it.


    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  13. thanks.

    sorry to ask, but i don't have much time right now between exams and work to check out the official site.

    plus, there often are some differences that aren't listed in official sites that people would know from using them, i.e. build quality, sound characteristics, etc...

    i think i'll go for the 4802... eventually.

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  14. sounds to me like it happens just the instant before the compression system kicks in to prevent the sub and amp from frying...

    i know what you could do: get a better sub. trust me, save up and get a better one, it will be the best sound-related thing you'll ever do!

  15. What about the differences between the 4802 and the 5800??

    is it just the power?

    because if it is, then screw the 5800, i'm going for the 4802.

    i just found out i'll be able to get them even cheaper than i thought at first (15% below cost)...




    'cuz not a lot of people have ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

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