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  1. definitely advise him not to impulse buy.

    he's going to realize after he learns more about audio that he made all the wrong choices.

    try looking at paradigm equipment, we get very good prices in Canada for those.

    a PW 2200 sub cost me 670 CAN

    then you can buy an array of Paradigm speakers.

    you could go with a good receiver like the Sony DB series, or go the separate route, which will be more expensive at first but offer more progressive upgradeability.

    DO NOT USE THE BOSE SPEAKERS IN THE SETUP except maybe temporarily in the back if you're really strapped for cash.

    projection... mmmmhhhh...

    means the room's gonna be pretty big, right? so you should really forego the satellite/sub route, as the sats will have trouble filling the space.

    at least use monitor speakers of high quality that have good bass, but it's always better to use floorstanding especially for home theater, you want big sound and a good ht sub will have trouble reproducing the upper bass properly.

  2. i think you can still find that plugin somewhere on the net...

    or i may have a copy somewhere on my hard drive for those interested, but i didn't like it, it messed up the sound too much. just puts more emphasis on the bass & treble and the Klipsch don't need that.

    neways, to encode mp3s your best bet is probably LAME encoder, it is the best encoder although it doesn't have the ease of use and the nice GUI of other encoders.

    use exact audio copy to rip cds.

  3. another case of high expectations...


    don't worry, everything is normal.

    there is a compression system in the subwoofer that diminishes the sound level when too much bass is sent to it so that

    1) you get ideal, undistorted sound all the time and

    2) you don't harm the sub

    from what I read in reviews and in posts here, I was expecting my sub to shake the whole house also, but it's not the case. might rattle a few objects here and there, but nothing as dramatic as i thought. i was expecting the level of performance I'm now getting with my big ht sub.

    to cure yourself, do the following:

    plug back in your previous PC speakers,

    turn up the sound and the bass most especially,

    listen (or at least try to for as long as you can),

    repeat "thank God I'm richer than the majority of people on this planet and I can spoil myself with such bass!" 10 times really fast.

  4. ok, you're one of the people that is going to love the new DVD audio format...

    neways, then you have no choice but to go with the acoustic edge because it's the only one that will take a stereo signal and transform it into surround, and it does this admirably as I understand it.

    besides, it's sound quality is better than the SB live, except it's not quite as good for gaming, from what I read.

  5. yeah a codec is nothing more than the algorithm that determines how a piece of video is encoded/decoded.

    with windows media player you need to download codecs sometimes to make them work.

    like the divx codec.

    i don't know what codec is required for your particular video clips.

    try to look on the web again and if you can't find nething I'll try aight?

  6. Hi all.

    You know, i remember coming here for the first time last May, and being totally astonished. What? A company putting up an uncensored bulletin board where people could express their opinions on the products? I thought Klipsch must have been pretty damn confident that their products were delighting customers, or else they would never had done such a thing.

    Well, up to a couple weeks ago, Klipsch had won their bet. This bb had a good spirit, people were helping each other, and every time someone had a bad experience with a faulty products his opinion was totally turned around by the helpful tech support as well as by other customers who tried to help him the best they could. This bb was perfect. Flaming was almost non existent and it was a place where one could learn A LOT about Klipsch, but even more about audio in general and even computers and soundcards. It was a place where people could express their opinions on diverse subjects, and where the exchange of knowledge and ideas was great. That is why I stayed on this board, trying to be a part of this amazing community.

    And a few weeks ago, things started to go bad. People were complaining because they didn't get the cp-1 for nothing, because they were frustrated they bought the v2.400 and Klipsch upgraded it right after to the 4.1, because the pros "had no midrange" when in fact it's just that they have great bass and highs but the midrange is not quite up to par (remember what your mom told you, perfection does not exist)...

    I had never seen a thread closed on this bulletin board before, and now there have been several in the past 2 weeks! That is an indications that all is not well in the Klipsch kingdom.

    The new generation of Klipschers seem to be disgrunteld pricks who want perfection without paying more than 249$. They ***** and whine about everything they please, not caring about how it destroys the great spirit of this bb. Even old foes like GT came back to take advantage of that new climate.

    Well, I just want to say that it really disappoints me, but if it goes on like this, I am not going to visit the Promedia section of this bb. I'll stick to the Home Audio section, where it's not all full of disrespectful teenagers who like to complain about every little thing that's not perfectly right.

    Flame me all you want, but at least I expressed this opinion as peacefully as I could considering I'm pretty pissed about the situation. If you feel offended by this post, well you probably should. As we say 'round here, if the hat fits you, put it on. In other words, if you feel targeted by this post, then you should probably ask yourself some questions.

    Please people, go back to the ancient Klipsch bb spirit, or just stop posting here, and don't buy Klipsch ever again. IMO, not a great loss for this community.


    'cuz nobody ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

  7. that's why you're supposed to back things up b4 you reinstall...

    okay, 1st of all, what PC do you have?

    if the software came preinstalled, it's weird that you don't have a CD with that software on it.

    i know compaq computers have a CD that does an automatic installation of the system like it came out of the factory.

    do you have something like that?

    also, do you have a hardware decoder, either separate or included with your vidcard?

    it might not matter if you have a good computer, because then you're better off using either PowerDVD or WinDVD, both of which I can supply to you if you can't find them on the Internet along with a crack.

    what was the software you were using b4?

  8. I am using a Tbird 1G with 512 megs of RAM and a 16X Pioneer DVD drive.

    I ran a little comparison test between PowerDVD and WinDVD just for fun.

    I ran the Windows system monitor which monitors CPU usage (I don't know how accurate it is though) while playing the Red Room scene in Dolby prologic surround from the Haunting.

    With PowerDVD, CPU usage oscillated between 40 and 50%, while with WinDVD it was approx. 5%!!!! That's even less than the normal constant usage in Windows while doing nothing (but with apps running in the background), which is approx. 8-10%...

    I'm gonna run a test in Dolby Digital, but I found this pretty interesting.

    God I'm bored.


    the same thing held true for the first scene of Top Gun in Dolby Digital downmixed to 5 channel. PowerDVD around 30-35%, WinDVD around 10%. I thought maybe it was because in PowerDVD there is a control bar available at all times when you move your mouse to the upper edge of the screen, but I enabled the control bar on WinDVD (it showas at all times) and nothing changed.

  9. try installing the latest drivers for the DVD drive...

    I had kind of the same problem, but I don't think it was caused by the same thing though. I had some weird primary and secondary IDE controller issues in my device manager.

    Anyways, try latest drivers for everything (vidcard, mobo, DVD, etc...) and if it still doesn't work... go to a specialized puter site...

  10. Hey guys, just thought I'd add to the debate about the tinny highs...

    I recently listened to some of the old mp3s i dled when I had my 36k modem. they are all 128 bit, and some of them are pretty badly ripped.

    Well, I found out that on almost all of them, the highs were unbearably tinny. Whether that is due to mp3 compression or a bad rip I'm still not sure about, but i do know that now that I listen exclusively to 160 bit or higher mp3s, i don't have this problem at all.

    So I guess you should try them with higher quality material. If you were listening to a CD then I guess this is not the reason and you just don't like the Klipsch sound...

  11. about extra cooling...

    ok, i saw some fans that looked really practical, you install them where an expansion card's outputs/inputs would be in the back of your case or on the front in a CDROM spot.

    apparently they work pretty well, they are cheap and easy to install.

    but i mostly want to oc my vidcards, I have heard of very good results especially with the Radeon 64 DDR.

    and since the only thing that would be worth accelerating are 3D games, it makes sense to oc the vidcard, which is the bottleneck in this case. (right?)

    basically the only reason i wish to oc the Athlon would be to get a decent 3DMark2000 score (I'm at 4700 approx) and maybe to try and get a decent framerate with FSAA enabled and a high res. in UT. so i might actually oc it and then back it down after...

    but it would be more useful for the P3, so I can play at higher res with a good framerate (when I play UT at 1080x768 it gets a bit choppy sometimes in the bigger levels...).

    i think I'll try one of the fans i mentioned earlier, cuz I'm not willing at all to drill holes in my case.

  12. I have a superorb on my athlon.

    I will not go into more cooling, drilling holes, etc.

    I just want to mildly overclock the CPU and cards, just enough so that they don't require more cooling.

  13. the P3 is an original one, got it when they just came out, cost me 1K...

    athlon is a Tbird.

    i have temp monitoring for the athlon i'm sure, probbly not for the other cpu/mobo...à

    i didn't think of checking out hardocp, good idea hof.

  14. I want to use PowerDVD to play my DVDs in my Pioneer. But each time I try to play a DVD with it, it gives me an error message. I'm guessing it's some kind of conflict with my vidcard, either the software or hardware.

    I did try to uninstall the vidcard, both DVD software and all other software incl. drivers...

    Anybody got a suggestion?

  15. Hey guys!

    I know there are a couple of PC wizards here that are well-versed in o/cing. I posted this same question on 3dfiles, but obviously their used to it so i didn't get the answers i wanted.

    I am now ready to overclock both my P3 500/Creative TNT2 and Athlon 1G/ATI Radeon 64 DDR systems.

    I'm looking to oc the vidcard and the CPU (mobo?), but I'm still not sure.

    So, I need you guys to tell me how I'd get the best results, what I should oc and how. I'd like a good program that enables me to easily oc the vidcards, and I'd like to know exactly how I can oc my CPUs.

    I'm waiting for your answers!

    P.S., I'm not looking for anything REALLY detailed, I'm not a dummy and I know hoe the oc process works, I know that I should only oc in small increments etc.

    P.S.2: if someone could also tell me how much I'll probbly be able to oc my hardware, that would save me a lot of time cuz I could go up right away relatively close to the limit.


    'cuz nobody ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

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