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  1. you've just touched a very interesting point:

    how come compaqs with good specs perform like normal puter with crappy specs??

    you will get a huge performance leap if you go with the new system. guaranteed.

    as to the OS, Win98 may not be perfect, but it's the most compatible OS with games and other apps. what else do you want to do? go with windows millenium before all the bugs are worked out of it and you'll have to download 5 upgrades a day? Windows NT and get crappy multimedia performance and compatibility issues?

    not even mentioning linux and others, can you actually play games with those? I must admit i have no experience with Linux, so i can't really say how good it is for gaming, multimedia and compatibility...


    BTW, yes it's because of the comcrap that windows crashes all the time. my gf's puter does the same, while i have only a few crashes a week.

  2. There's a sampler CD that's $5 and a sampler DVD that's $10 i think. It's somewhere on the dts site.

    as for good dts cds and dvds...

    i don't know. I know the Eagles DVd is awesome, but apart from that, I'd say any dts soundtrack is worth checking out.

    i have not had any experience with dts cds.

    if i was to order the sample one, it'd cost me $5 for the CD and $23 for shipping!!

    pretty stupid.


    i must mention that i downloaded the .wav file that's on the dts site somewhere and burned it on a cd. it's basically the beginning of a song in dts. the effect of dts music is awesome!

  3. Okay...

    Granted, an mp3 can be made surround with prologic processing or a DSP, like any other stereo signal. I've said that was a possibility in my first response, you'll notice. But that doesn't make it a surround signal!!!

    A normal stereo CD can be "made" surround if I apply prologic decoding to it, or if I use some kind of DSP on it. Doesn't make the CD surround, does it?

    No, you cannot take a surround signal (i.e. dolby digital 5.1 or dts or other) and make it an mp3 while keeping it's surround properties while compressing it. First of all, surround signals are always compressed, to a certain degree. That's partly why you need a special decoder to decode them.

    But you don't need a decoder to play mp3s, do you? That's because an mp3 is stereo. All the time. Surround mp3s don't exist. If they did, how easy would it be to rip a movie using mp3 for the audio? Impossible.

    Now, I'll be going into an explanation, but I'm not sure of it completely, so if I'm wrong please correct me.

    I think mp3 processing/encoding can only be applied to a stereo signal. So how did those dts and dolby digital sounds get encoded into mp3? Simple, they weren't. I could, for example, take the stero out of my dvd player, run it to my computer, record the signal and then compress it into an mp3. The surround was downmixed to stereo byt the DVD player, then compressed to mp3. Hope it's clear.

    The above explanation also explains why mp3s CAN'T be decompressed to their original surround format. They weren't in a surround format to start with! And no, you couldn't upmix the stero signal back to AC3 or DTS.

    About surround music. Of course it exists. Not only on DVDs which feature shows (like the Eagles, Ricky Martin or Santana) and a dolby digital or DTS soundtrack, but also on CD. How?

    Some cds are offered in DTS 5.1 surround. You need a DTS decoder to be able to enjoy those. There are several albums that are out in that format, mostly surround versions of popular albums.

    Check out http://store.dtsonline.com/cd-frames.html for more on this.

    Hope it clears things up a bit!

  4. I have had very good results with my HP CD-writer using EZ CD creator with the "copy existing cd" option.

    One trick: if her CD Rom is not that fast, she has to use the "copy source CD to hard drive first" option in EZ CD Creator. I learned that the hard way, had all kinds of little crackling sounds on my copied cds...

    It's all really easy, really.

    As for mp3s, it's also very easy.

    Just use any program (winamp will do it, but there are other, better, more user friendly programs out there) to decode the mp3 into a wav, then use the "make a music cd" option in EZ CD creator and drag-drop the wav files into the track listing of the disc.

  5. You were listening to mp3s and you got surround sond?


    It must have been an illusion, when I listened to those trailers, I kinda heard the sound going from front to back etc. but I figured it was because of my weird speaker placement.

    mp3s are definitely not surrond-capable.

    The only possibility is that your soundcard or winamp make use of some kind of DSP, but I've never heard of anything like that for a soundcard, and the DSP for winamp don't give surround sound but supposedly "improved" sound. Yeah right. But that's another story.

  6. Yeah, I know what you mean, my girlfriend's mom bought a Compaq, I let her buy it cuz I didn't know anything about Comcrap before... Boy oh boy do I regret that! I'M having nothing but problems with it, everything is messed up and it's SOOOO slow!

    You mean you have more than 6.5 gigs of music files?? That's a lot! But of course you must have the original CDs to all of them, right? RIGHT?? smile.gif

  7. -The link should work, I just tried it and it works on both my puter and my girlfriend's... Don't know what's up with that.

    -Dman, I read that issue quite some time ago, i only remember the general test conditions, but I don't know what bitrate they used, or what ripper/encoder. Besides, mp3 is still the way to go since it's so popular. And if you really want quality, why not just buy the album??

    -I don't know about musicmatch... Don't think the quality's really up to par. It's practical, granted, but...

    -Hofy, I still have crappy Koss headphones, but I plan on buying me some Sennheiser soon. That is, when I can get ahold of some money... Doh!!!


    You got a Compaq!!!


    I don't see how you could do that, maybe you could format your drive, then setup the puter like you would for a normal one, using standard windows installation...

    But I don't see why you'd really want to do this, having 2 partitions doesn't do anything... I mean, the D: partition is really small anyways, so you're not missing on any hard drive space...

  9. ummm...

    higher bitrate mp3s??

    seriously, .wav files are CD-quality (when well ripped), since they are NOT compressed at all. But you won't be able to tell the difference between a well-encoded, high bitrate mp3 and the original CD anyway, so...

  10. zeus, the reason you're not getting an answer is mainly because lots of people have asked that.

    the answer is not any time soon.

    the pros are good enough as is, believe me!

  11. Hey guys,

    I downloaded the piano DTS trailer and tried to play it with PowerDVD. I get the image, but not the sound (talk about frustrating!). My theory is that PowerDVD can't decode DTS. Is there another software player that can? If not, why the hell is that trailer downloadable everywhere on the Net???

  12. Using Winamp:

    put all the songs you want in your playlist, and organize them. Then click twice on the misc button in the playlist window.

    Then select create html playlist.

    you're all set, you also know the length of your entire playlist, etc...


    'cuz nobody ever said

    "Pump up the treble!"

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