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  1. what's up gang, Well First off i created this thread gather many people that own a promedia 5.1 as possible. Reason why i want to do this, is because i want everybody to share their thoughts and techique on how to fix these SUB problem everyone to seem to be having which are the BASH chip and etc. Personally i really don't know anything about these except the fact that i own one myself and its also came down the point where its not working anymore for most people. So please help if possible or share your thoughts on these SUB. So anyways i recently posted a thread on this issue, but it wasn't no help because nobody really view it. So i'm deciding to post another one. Problems: Sub is not working. Tried: Putting pressure on Bash chip. Moving it around, and etc. currently the control pod is working. Headset is working also, and i'm also out of idea whats going on. And i'm pretty sure if ya guys share ya thoughts on this problem everybody will benefits from this so please ***** THIS THREAD!!!
  2. well i have a ultra 5.1 and today before work which is around 730pm i had music playing and whatever...but before i went to work i turn it off and everything went smoothly then when i got home around 5am there is no sound coming out of the speakers...the control module is on and working fine along with the button to switch over to headphone...and my headphone does work but when i switch back i dont hear anything from the speakers...i can hear a flip sound inside of the sub...can anyone help?!??...i love my 5.1!!
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