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  1. Thanks, Islander for breaking things down for me. I know just enough to be dangerous and may well start with just an app spl meter to see if it reveals anything. I have heard they can be good enough to use. And, your tone was friendly and kind, so thanks for taking your time to respond. I will get to the bottom of it for sure. Take care.
  2. Thanks and I agree. One of my Heresy speakers was a challenge to get into and Bob helped me through it and many steps of communication. His legacy is awesome!
  3. Thanks for reminding me to say. They sound fine, but sometimes I think the output of one is less than the other (but given the amount of vintage 4-channel equipment I run, one never knows if it is from the receiver, q8 deck or what and usually some button pushing and occasional deoxit helps, yet still I believe the sound it fainter on the right channel. The other confounding thing, of course, is that it is not ideal speaker placement for right channel due to medai storage in front of it. I will sometimes move my other system’s front right and toe-in the LaScala for better sound. And trust me, I have scoured my smaller home for some other place to store music, but the square footage is just not there. It may be just that periodic wanderlust to make a change and feel like my system is optimized, but I have always thought I would feel better if the two crossovers were identical. Maybe I should leave well enough alone? Something to consider as well.😀
  4. Hi everyone. I have used my LaScala’s as fronts and Heresy’s for rears for my fully vintage quad setup. I installed Crites crossovers in the Heresy’s 2 summers ago and it truly was an improvement. When I bought the LaSala’s in the 90s and one was said to have alk crossover and the other was their friend’s attempt at copying it, I think - if I remember correctly. I want to start listening to the LaScala’s for stereo vinyl and hi-rez sacd’s and such. I use Axiom m80s currently for stereo and actually 5.1 ht setup and they are nice, but I think these LaScala’s might take me to another level. I would love any and all opinions - should I update crossovers, and if so, which brand? ALK, Crites, etc.? I want them matched for sure, if I do anything. Also, without Bob’s excellent help (RIP), I could not have done the Heresy’s. I can follow directions and the fact of LaScala x-overs being so accessible, I thought I could handle it. I am no handy-woman other than trying hard and learning to be careful. I can solder a little, but iffy. So, please give opinions, even if I should just leave them alone. And it is fine if people disagree, I just want klipsch-lovers’ opinions. Thanks so much in advance. Laura
  5. Thanks, y’all! And, Panelhead, I have bought Q8’s and CD-4, SQ and QS albums for years via ebay and local record stores. Luckily, I have most of what I want in quad, one format or another, so I just skim for stuff every once in a while. My favorite music, much of it, came about during the quad era, so it is neat to have the music as offered back then (though it pre-dates me by a few years, anyway). Now I also source multi-channel music, often duplicates, for sound quality (hi-rez) and ease of use. Also, the site quadraphonicquad has a swap meet forum and deals can be had there as well. I had a RTR deck once, but quad reels are very expensive and the hardware was quite daunting at times and took up too much space. Thanks for asking!
  6. Hello all! I just wanted to drop in and quickly brag on Bob Crites and his crossovers and diaphragms for the tweeters. The last 36 hours have been a roller coaster with dumb events like having one un- removable screw from the front of a woofer in one of my Heresy II’s, to having to de-solder when I never even knew how to solder, solder! I just wanted to report that I was able to complete this project of changing out the crossovers and installing the diaphragms in the tweeters with the excellent help of Bob Crites. I probably emailed him about 100 times with pictures and to check in on various little items and he was more than helpful and attentive and responded immediately in every instance. Even approved of me completing one speaker without removal of that woofer since I could find no answer on how to get it out. And he had never seen a screw like that before. Anyway, this novice at all of the above, is now relaxing and listening to her quad through what sounds like La Scala’s in the rears! Well, sort of - La Scala’s are still boss in my system. I was referring to the Heresy’s, by the way. I have La Scala’s in the front. The sound from the Heresy’s has come to life! It sounded okay before, but somewhat dark and lifeless (especially compared to now) and I accepted it since they were the rears. But now I do not have to accept it. Now I get to hear even better quad sound, truly wonderful sound. The only bad thing is that I got so excited I have now ordered new speaker wire for the rears and new RCA cabling for all of the quad equipment in order to enjoy my system to the fullest! So another project is lining up! I highly recommend Bob if you are ever in need of any of his products. The customer service is unheard of in this day and age and I am grateful for it. Just thought I would pop in and share! Thanks. Laura
  7. Thanks Peter. Yes - electronics are quad era, though many renewed over time. I will check cabling as well. Thanks for further insight. Laura
  8. Thanks a bunch! I emailed with Bob Crites today and he said the same. Moving one speaker (not on purpose, but to try out another pair) cured it, but the other still has tiny, tiny hum/buzz. I will troubleshoot more over time when I swap out some components, but meantime, Bob says it won’t do any damage and you do have to have your ear right up touching the grill cover piece to even perceive it. Speaks to the efficiency. The best news it that I am going to get Bob’s crossovers and a titanium piece to put on and I am thrilled to do this. I told him I can follow directions, so wish me luck! I will certainly take my time and keep his pictures up on my ipad when I do this. And, I do know that all this vintage equipment has its quirks and that the little hum/buzz will get worked out. Thanks for addressing my post, Tony.
  9. Hi, all. It has been a while since I have been on our forum. I have a vintage quad system using LaScala’s for front channels and Heresy’s (not sure model, so posted what I saw on back of speakers) from 1989 as rears. They sound great, but today when I was troubleshooting another issue (which was user error in that I had not changed the the input on dbx 200x boxes) I detected a slight buzz in both rear channels when I put my ear to the front of the speakers. Not noticeable with music playing, but troublesome to ponder. I thought it my be my sub from HT system (separate setup), but I unplugged it and still have issue. It is in both speakers, but not in front channels. I do not crank these and the rears are usually less loud than the fronts. Any idea what is going on? Thanks for any help or advice! I like to take care of things, so hope to figure out the issue. I love my klipsches, by the way, so hopefully on this forum people appreciate these speakers and don’t disparage them (it appears not everyone is a fan- too bad for them). My vintage system is comprised of Sansui 9001 receiver, Q8 player, 2 dbx 200x switcher box things, 2 dbx SNRp1’s, and technics demodulator. Thanks again for any insight. Laura
  10. Hi, again. I have been very fortunate to have my quad system set up very well. CD-4 (true discreet quad) albums play wonderfully - listened to some great Jethro Tull the other day - no sandpaper or anything extraneous. I use a Marantz CD-400 to decode CD-4 (not the 9001 Sansui). The Sansui is used for SQ and QS. I have a Marantz turntable with proper quad cart./stylus, proper tracking force, good cables, etc. that is used solely for CD-4 albums. I play the SQ and QS through a Rega P-25 with a wonderful Goldring cart (per an old Sam Tellig recommendation), Counterweight for the Common Man upgrade and thick acrylic platter upgrade (replaced glass). All properly and painstakingly set up. I also play stereo albums through the Rega. So, the gist is that the hiss in the Klipsch's is unrelated to the particular source going in (quad 8's, albums, SACD/DVD-As, DTS disks, etc.), but must, like y'all have said, be related to the Sansui to which the speakers are connected. At least the sound is only evident while a couple of feet away (at normal listening levels) and is not noticeable to my ears when the music starts. And, if I ever get the chance, I'd love to hear la scalas without the hiss just to know what I'm missing! Still, my owner satisfaction is high and my system which has taken years to get so useable is wonderful! Thanks to all for the continued input. Laura
  11. Thanks all. I was hoping that since the 9001 was restored (completely by QuadBob in California) that it wouldn't be the culpret. The hiss isn't enough for me to change anything at this point since I want a great quad setup and both the 9001 and the Q8 players and even hi-rez player and snr-1s, etc. are critical to that end. I run a separate (but in the same room, so parallel I guess) HT system that will be anchored by a denon 3808 receiver (arriving today I hope!) and uses Axioms for 7.1 channel sound, so no other options at the moment. Since I've had the hiss for about 5 years, I can certainly live with it because I do love the Klipsch sound. I just wanted peace of mind that my crossovers were not the problem. One looks like a better install than the other (for some reason, the guy I bought them from must have attempted part of the ALK work himself and just purchased the other already done - they look a tad different). If/when I upgrade and downgrade to pure two channel music (I use two different turntables - Rega primarily), then I will probably want to go the route of finding modern equipment that will give no his to the la scalas to send out! But, my investment in quad is pretty heavy and I love it, so maybe when I win the lottery and can get a bigger home where I could have HT in one room, Sansui quad in another, Marantz quad in another, and two-channel in another! Yeah - that'l work! Thanks again! Laura
  12. Hi, all. I have a pair of la scalas with ALK crossovers (bought the speakers with the crossovers already there). They are from 1982 I believe. I run a quad vintage system through the la scalas for front channels and heresy's for rears and use a restored Sansui 9001 receiver. Anyway, I have always had a question about this but never asked. I love the sound of the la scalas with music playing, but am beginning to be a bit irritated by a hiss that is always present upon turning on the receiver. Once the music starts, I'm not aware of it, but am concerned that maybe it (the hiss) is always there and perhaps interfering with the music. Is this hiss normal? And it doesn't matter the volume on the receiver, the hiss is present regardless. If it is not normal, what can be done about it? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks. Laura (chapin99)
  13. I have 3 others I could try if need be, since 2 are old and heavy, hope to not have to go there![]
  14. Thanks Rick. This I think I can do. I hate to admit it, but I have no idea what that chart means and what I would use tool-wise to get the numbers right. Better leave well enough alone now that my sound is what I remember it to be. I sure thought I was going crazy or my ears were going or my system of vintage stuff was messed up. Now I have what I love and it's all good! I will check the phase stuff you mentioned and I do like to be sure the connections and stuff are good, so will do that. If anyone would care to give a quick lesson on what to do with the chart, I'd love to know for when I have time to tweak and play in the summer, but I understand if you don't want to waste the breath. I bet its difficult to just know this stuff and probably little desire to take a novice through. I feel the same way on the few things I've learned in quad. But, as we know - this site is wonderful. So, maybe it has already been addressed, but if not and someone did help, then the post would be a quick reference for other novices in the future. Again - thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  15. Thanks! I didn't notice that. I couldn't be happier now about these La Scalas. Seems all is right with the world (assuming I don't blow another fuse). Listened at volume ranging from 1 to about 4 and a half (which is loud enough to hear in my neighbors backyard!) last night for about an hour and a half and still have appropriate bass and excellent quality sound. My quad of Edgar Winter Group was awesome now that the bass is back. Frankenstein is now stuck in my head, though I tried to get it out listening to Doobies and Loggins and Messina. Anyway, thanks for this pic!
  16. Thanks yet again. Okay, actually started another post as kind of a follow-up, but in case you just read through all these in a row, here seems to be my little solution. The fuse (which I hadn't really noticed) in one speaker was clearly blown. It was a BUSSAGC 2A. The other speaker had a 1 1/2. It did not look blown, but that speaker was not functioning as well. So, went to Radio Shack and bought their last 2 (and in an opened 4 pack no less - geez!) of the 2As. Popped them in and YEAH!!!! I can hardly turn the volume to 1 and a half and sound is awesome. Earlier today, I had it up to nearly 5 which should mean the police are coming soon, but of course it was thin, so I didn't listen long anyway except to troubleshoot. So, then went to the ALK site y'all sent me and saw that the kit calls for 1.5 fast blow fuses. I will now go back and use them as I don't want anything messed up. Anyway, seems as though the problem might be solved. My Sansui 9001 vintage quad receiver was completely overhauled by an expert named QuadBob in California (he redoes every little thing and said I should get another 30 years from the receiver). So I'm hoping it isn't showing any kind of problem and made the fuse blow. I don't normally blow the walls off listening, but sometimes, especially if enjoying a drink or several I'll crank it. Anyway, is there a life to these fuses? I mean, should they last 4, 5, 10 years? Just curious and if you think I need to be on the lookout for any other problems that could have caused the fuse to blow, please advise. I want to be smart and make my La Scalas the center of attention they should be! Thanks! Laura
  17. Hey, again! I just got off the phone with the guy I bought these from several years ago (aren't Klipsch people nice - how many things do people sell and never want to hear from the buyer again!!). He told me about the fuses in the crossovers. Sure enough, one of the fuses looks totally blown since the little wire inside is broken and there's a small brownish spot on the fuse. So getting ready to go to Radio Shack and replace. But the other speaker was still not sounding so great, but its fuse looks fine (will replace anyway). Now, one fuse - broken one was a BUSSAGC2A, but the other is a BUSSAGC 1 1/2. Lewis said to just go with the 2's and I will. My next question, is there any reason one blowing would affect the other speaker? Also, just to be sure I'm on the right track, shouldn't I hear bass or something if I stick my head in the front bottom part of the speaker (either side of the V)? I can put my hand on it and feel some small vibrations, but mids and highs are quite loud and couldn't hear any bass from that area. Sorry that seems so stupid. Anyway, off to the store! Hope this solves it! Who knew there'd be fuses in there! Thanks for any comments. Laura
  18. Hi. Thanks for the quick feedback. Maybe I don't have to worry as much as I was. But, I do have them up against the wall normally. I'm worried about the following I noticed when looking at the ALK site. Please let me know what you think about those dangling kinda wires and such. Thanks! Here is what I just emailed elsewhere: Geez - I just looked at the nice clear pic on the ALK site. My crossovers have a few things that are not identical. What concerns me most is it seems like I have extra wire pieces just not connected because maybe the original owner wanted to leave open an option to reconnect another way??? I don't know. They look like connectors to swap stuff out with or something. What do y'all think? Can you tell anything from my pics? On speaker has a thicker red and black main looking wire set (to the left of the actual horn thingy) and the other one has thinner looking wire. Both have these extra looking wires. And I'm also concerned about the huge honkin looking black thing made in France (PA-MKP-FC 39 +/- 5% 250V DC) that is so different from the smaller one in the ALK pic. So, please advise if you have a chance. If it requires major surgery please let me know and approximate expense. Thanks so much again.
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