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  1. Hey guys, Since I'm new to the forum, I'm not exactly sure what the farmhouse is. are people bringing gear up to listen to then. If so, who all is invited to that. If anyone is, when will people be there to do all of that? Are directions avail? It might be a pain in the ****, but I think I have some really old Bose outdoor speakers somewhere in the garage I could bring. It would be a lot of work, but I wouldn't mind. I know the Jubilee's will sound good, and the Bose's would give us all a good reference point.... So, if possible, can anyone direct me to info on other activities like the farmhouse or other things going on that weekend. Also, has anyone figured out if there is much of anything for a very supportive yet very uninterested wife and set of kids can do in the area.
  2. Dean, are the crossovers that you build based on the ALK's? If so, how do they differ, if any from those. It looks like the website that you referenced lists a set for $375. Is that correct. Would those be used in the Khorn's on the top for the HF/MF. Would anything then be changed in the lower portion behind the panel? Then, could these also be considered for the Lascala's also? Thanks again. By the way, do you go to the Pilgrimidges? Paul
  3. Did you say that you would be packing up your gear and bringing it down to Hope for all of us to drool all over? I can't wait. Paul
  4. OK, POSSIBLE STUPID QUESTION TIME...... IS there a difference between placing an ALK type crossover on the Khorns instead of the AK-2 that is already on there vs. a crossover that is the same exact type. I gather that the difference in an A and AA on the LaScalas is that the AA is more protective of the tweeter. So, same question, is the ALK OR ALK JR much different than a replacement or rebuilt AA. Are the differences something that would be sonically different, or is it just personal preference.
  5. Do the new speakers sound better or something? The only store with klipsch here is Best Buy, and that doesn't count. What do people end up spending money on there? We have a WalMart in Waco already!
  6. How do you figure out which passives to get. Roughly, how much would it cost to get new passives for 2 Khorns and 2 LaScalas? Also, after reading so much on the forum, I repossitioned my Khorns last night into the corner, rather than lined up to look good with the other furniture. Wow, that alone made a nice improvement. Once again, thanks to all who are helping me out. I am going to try to go to the Pilgrimidge in Hope. Do people discuss these issues some there. Is it possible to hear some speakers with some of these changes there?
  7. Hello, I am brand new to this forum, and am trying to see about coming to the ole pilgramidge. I have been a fan since early childhood, and have been collecting Klipsch speakers for 12 years now. I have 6 big ones and 2 promedia 5.1 for office at home and work. I know it is a bit past the noted deadlines, but I have just got to come to this. My uncle has had Khorns since the 60's, and took several tours in Hope many years ago. I always have to hear about how he met PWK...[] I need a story about how I went there too. It will only be me attending. Please let me know if this will be possible.[au] Paul Redman aka Me Loves Khorns[] predman@hot.rr.com
  8. What would the ultimate difference be between replacing the passive crossovers on the speakers themselves with something like the ALK's... versus getting an active crossover - external - and then biamping, while keeping the original passive crossovers on the speakers. Would one give you better sound than the other. An active crossover seems to cost about the same as a set of passive crossovers. Thanks again to all who are helpin me out.
  9. Since I'm so new at all of this, how do you figure out how to change out the caps, where do you get new ones, etc... Is that something that is very difficult.
  10. One of the things you need to decide early in the upgrade game is if you want to understand and learn as you go, or just pay the bucks and get to the end of the road right away. You made a comment in a later post about your speakers sounding better at higher volumes.....there are many who feel the vintage crossover config of (type A/AA) sounds better than the later versions, and can do so with a lower volume setting. Do you mean changing out the AK-2 on the khorns for the type A/AA? Is that possible considering there is also part of the crossover in the lower part of the cabinent? Also, I would like to learn as much as I can, this stuff is really fun, but, I'm not exactly an electrical engineer, and am just starting on the "mod" quest. My wife has given the ole' clearance to spend some on this project, but, we have 4 kids and student loans, etc.....
  11. They are on the long wall. I sit back about 12-14 feet, in the middle. Also, I forgot. I have a 5 channel Carver amp that is not being used currently. I was thinking about using it to do the biamping for the front 2 khorns, and using the Yamaha to power the other speakers. That would probably give me great sound when listening to 2 channel phono, cd's, etc, and make them even more alive during surround sound.
  12. Well, my equip. is Yamaha RX-V3000 reciever, Thorens TD-190 Phono, HDTV cable decoder, Pioneer DVD, SACD, DVD-A, Center is Klipsch KLF-C7. Crossover on Khorns is AK-2, on LaScala's AA, Mitsubishi 65 in HDTV. Powered Klipsch sub.[H] My room is rectangular, around 18-20 x 16. My musical tastes are all over the spectrum, from classical to rock, almost anything but rap. My phono collection is growing quickly, I love my Thorens. I also have a very supportive and generous wife who has actually been buying me all of this fun stuff slowly, over the past 12 years. I have 4 boys who also like to play X-Box 360 in surround sound mode. We also watch movies off of cable and on DVD. So, basically, I have a wide range of uses for the system, from sitting down listening to old records, to playing games and watching action movies, and everything in between. My speakers do sound much better when played louder. When they are turned down, they don't seem to have as much definition as many cheaper speakers would, but when louder, they are great. Would making some changes help with that?[:^)] Let me know what you think, and once again thanks. This forum is awesome for all of the info. [8]
  13. Thank you so much for such a quick reply. I've been a fan of Khorns since I was a small kid, my uncle has had a pair for ever. I only recently figured out that so much could be done to them. So, excuse the simple questions, but... Are you referring to replacing the passive crossovers that are attached to the speakers already? If so, do both sets on the Khorns need to be replaced. How do you get factory crossovers, from Klipsch itself? How much are they in general? Also, say I were to get an active crossover... I would bring in the speaker wire from the crossover to the low freq input on the back wall of the woofer enclosure. However, wires then go up to the top part of the horn for mid/high. Can you simple bring in the speaker wire directly to the crossover in the top part of the speaker directly, without the signal having gone thru the lower part of the crossover. Is that how it would work? If then the only signal going to the tweeter and squaker is the MF/HF info from the active outboard crossover, is the passive crossover in the top part needing to be replaced also for improved sound. Or, will the processing that has been done by the active crossover sufficient. I have a moderate budget, can't spend thousands, but am interested in improving. Thanks again for the patient help.
  14. I am brand new to this forum. I have been a Klipsch fan for years. I have khorns -1988-in the front and La Scalas 1980's, in the back, along with RF Center and sub. I currently am running the speakers with a Yamaha reciever, which sounds good, but...[*-)] I also have a Carver 5 channel amp that I'm not using now. I am wondering how much improvement I would get if I used it to biamp the front? I have been reading this forum and its links to biamping, but am still somewhat confused. How do you decide which brand and type of active crossover. I've seen some from Marchland and occas ones for sale elsewhere. Has anyone else had good luck with a particular brand? Also, is there much difference in the sound if you biamp with an active crossover vs. placing new passive crossovers in the speakers. Also, do the crossovers in the Khorns that divide the sound for the HF/MF ever need to be replaced after time? Mine are AK-2. The ones on the LaScala's are AA. Should I consider changing those out? I have looked on the alkeng.com web site. Do those make a good sonic improvement. Thanks for your help on this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.[]
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