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  1. Almost ALL processors introduce hiss in processing mode. If you have a "direct" mode, go to that and try the same test; I believe you'll find it SILENT.

    Also, you will NEVER hear that hiss at volume, dude. I have an Ultimate Receiver (same amps) and 400x7 Signature amp and you wouldn't be able to stand in the same room with RF-83 system at those volume levels.[:|]

  2. The ultimate would be TWO rt-12d's....but I digress....

    I purchased the RF-83 system from my local Klipsch installer (not a DEALER, per sei) and he gave me a huge discount over the MSRP. The price he gave me on the sub was @ $1400.0, down from the 1995.00 msrp. A couple of near-new models went on ebay recently for just over $1,000. So it would be possible to have two of them for the price of one/your limit....


  3. What was the general consensus of that review?

    Here's the link: http://www.soundandvisionmag.com/speakers/1887/klipsch-rf-83-home-theater-speaker-system.html

    General Consensus (of the complete RF-83 system): The RF-83 system excels with dynamic capability
    and high sensitivity. The front and surround-channel speakers will play
    loud with little amplifier power, and all channels have exceptional
    bass. The subwoofer has Olympic-class bass uniformity (measuring 110 dB
    SPL at 32 Hz and 105+ dB from 25 Hz and up). Its operating controls
    work as described, and the room EQ addresses modal irregularities with
    finesse and understatement.

  4. I did read the manual and basically I was looking to understand how it bumps it up...you mean it makes it louder?

    Bumping those frequency for what reason?

    Yes, makes those particular frequencies louder, or emphasized. The reason would be to compensate for any deficiencies in the input signal or subwoofer location.

  5. Thank you for the replies.

    TNRabbit do you have the ability to control the RT-12d via remote? How often have you changed the settings on the sub?

    I have read a review http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_13_4/klipsch-rt-12d-subwoofer-december-2006-part-1.html in which the reviewer measures the response from a corner position. This is how the 120db is achieved. My point being I do not know how the RSW-10d is measured but if it was not in the corner then the difference might not be that great between the two models.

    There is no remote option for the RT-12d. I've changed the settings so many times I lost count when I was experimenting with different positions.

  6. If you'll read the manual, you'll see that the Depth setting bumps up frequencies below 40 hz, the Punch around 60 hz (I think), and the flat is, duh, FLAT. I suggest keeping it on flat unless there is some reason you want to artificially emphasize a particular frequency.

  7. I second the 7400; I've been running a 400x7 model (older) for almost a year now and it is PHENOMENAL! These amps are current PUMPS and seem to never run out of juice into ANY load. The manual states it will run a DIRECT SHORT (zero ohms) for a time-limited basis! (good luck finding speaker wire to withstand THAT!)

  8. I have an APC UPS I use with my home theater system. The issue I've had is it doesn't have enough reserve to cover the total requirements of the system (600 watts max, but my Sunfire Ultimate Receiver will pull way more than that at performance levels). I recommend you get one that will cover total requirements, and it won't be ccheap.....may also require a hospital grade outlet on a dedicaed 20 amp service if you run enough equipment from it...things to consider.

    Also, APC offers a trade-in option for later upgrade that is pretty sweet; like half off a new UPS within a couple of models of the one you're trading in. Check it out on their website, www.apc.com

  9. I agree with all the recommendations and add that you can always add the surround back channels at a later date. I have 7.1, and it doesn't really add much. Maybe in the future, but there just isn't much out there now to even take advantage.

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