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  1. Coytee Thanks for the invite, I didn't reply cause I figured it was a half hearted invite only extended to push your wife to clean the house,. Ok, Ill be there soon, start cleaning
  2. I really dont know what the "wood" or "paper" was supposed to look like, But whatever it was supposed to simulate it wasn't doing any wood I have ever seen justice. It was a light color like maple or white oak. It wsa seriousley like heavy duty wall paper that had a laquer applied. IMO cheesy. Someone ask what Reference speaker model I demoed, I again dont know other than they were BIG. bout 5 feet high and 20 inches deep.. They sounded smooth, with a lot of base and highs but not alot of mids and absolutely NO imagery. If you won't big and loud, check them out.
  3. YEA< I Know, the comparison is not fair....but, I have decided I wanna be as life like as I can afford when it comes to "My Toy". And frankley I have not decided to by the B&W 802s I forget the letter behind the 802. They're about 6k. Before I pull the trigger I am gonna spend the next few weeks looking at Revels, and others to try and find the quality of sound I heard in the B&Ws. Any Suggestions. There is so much out there one can become confused and frustrated in trying to find what is right for one's own taste. I will be retiring my Adcom Pre-amp and Amp along with my Heresy IIs to the computer room. I will be trying to find new speakers to compliment my Lexicon Amp and Rotel processor. If anyone feels my pain and has figured it out, let me know.
  4. Well, seems I will not be waiting for those Heresy IIIs after all. I just returned from Richmond (110 miles from my place in Va. Beach). I went with the sole purpose of auditioning some Heresy IIIs and B&W and Klipsch Reference speakers. I hate to say it but the Heresys couldn't hold a candle to either. The Heresy sound was BRIGHT, harsh and had NO imaging at all. I was soooo disappointed. I have had Heresy IIs for 13 years and have always showed them off like a father would show off his child. I guess I never knew what I was missing. The Reference series even sounded better but then again the Reference imaging and mids were missing compared to the B&Ws. I am not syked about having to purchase a 5k a pair set of speakers compared to 1500 pair of Klipsch. But the sound I am looking for is more of what the high end speakers produce. So for those of you who want to bash me because I have posted this let the bashing begin. For the SERIOUS audio person, before you pull the trigger on the OLD Klipsch stuff because of some romantic notion, do yourself a favor, have a look around, I did and boy am I seriousley bummed. Now I have to spend way more than I wanted to but....you only live once and one of my joys in life is music. I can't go to see every artist I would like but to reproduce that sound in my home is precious to me. From Miles, Methany to Plant, from Mozart to Pink Floyd, I look forward to my "graduation". In case you were wondering, The speakers were being played by the same pre-amp and amp during the audition. Mcintosh. I will answer any questions submitted if it will help you folks out. PS I really hesitate to say this because I have found out how pasionate some of you are about "YOUR" speakers. I have been the same myself for years, but I have to say in addition to the sound, the craftmanship, no, rather the finish of the Heresy IIIs doesn't come close to my Heresy IIs. The speakers I demoed I think were a oak veneer that looked like mid grade wall paper. My Heresy IIs look like piece of REAL furniture made of Cherry. I sincerely hope this post helps the folks who have had a seriousley difficult time finding information on the Heresy IIIs.
  5. MDeneen Any opinion as to how Heresy IIIs wil sound being powered by Rotel Pre-amp and a Lexicon CX5 amp? Solid State
  6. DTELS Wife, I think Im lost on your take on the Heresy IIIs . Do you like them or no? As far as a break in period, I guess I'm skeptical. Are you breaking in the speaker or your ears. I ordered three IIIs (yet to be delivered) and for the money I am paying (without auditioning, purchasing based on my expierience with my Heresy IIs) I am going to run up to Richmond today to a place that has them in stock to form my own opinion.
  7. You should be sure to tell him I posted his add on the Klipsch Forum page. It's sure to help him maximize his take. I think I'm due a kick back
  8. Attached is a ebay auction for klipschorns 50 year aniversary. What is a fair price? http://cgi.ebay.com/Klipschorn-50th-Anniversary-Klipsch-KHorn_W0QQitemZ110098727048QQihZ001QQcategoryZ61378QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. Yes, Ive been flying hang gliders for 20 years hence the name thermalup. Thanks for the reply on the quality issue that seems to be mentioned every once in a while by others. I've had my heresy IIs for about 16 years and I love them . I really hope the IIIs are a step up.
  10. DWI Lawyer Frankley, I was not impressed by the pictures. Why, because I do not build speakers for a living and can only look at a FINISHED product to form an opinion of if "I" think it is a quality piece of work. I would look at the joints, finish, fit and trim, etc..AND OFCOURSE the sound. In addition, I for one can look at two horns or speaker components or whatever it may be in a speaker and I would be cluless as to its performance, quality, durability, etc.. I can say that the Klipsch products I have seen in Best Buy are not impressive to me in sound or quality. Thats not to say they are not another mans jewels. Just not my cup of tea. I would also clear the air about my dealer. My dealer does not have a showroom, They deal strictley in custom home and buisness installs. I got there contact info from the Klipsch web site dealer locator. When I did speak to them I got the impression that they had NO interist in selling me Heresys. They were not rude, as a matter of fact they did say to me "we have other quality speakers in stock including the newer "klipsh" speakers. They did explain to me that they were not a stock item and would need to be ordered. I allready knew this and I asked them to tell me how long. They inturn called Klipsch.....and You have seen the rest. THIS IS NOT A DEALER ISSUE. Its is Klipsch.
  11. It's interesting to here about your quaility issues Consistent. Many of the High End Hi-Fi stores aparently have quit selling Klipsch because of quality issues. (at first I didn't want to here it, maybe I was in denial thinking how good my old Klipsch stuff is) I have looked at the "new stuff" in the BIG CRAP BOX STORE with all of the not so intelligent staff and decided rather quickly that, "nope, don't won't that." This is why I was hoping to pick up "New and Improved" Heresy IIIs. Well....Are they improved? Is the quailty that I recieved 15 years ago still there? The failed delivery dates and some of the things I've heard and now what I'm reading is really starting to bother me. Has the new Klipsch famaily member running the company gone to profits over quality. Surely this is the case if your selling in Best Buy. Or am I wrong. I would love to here some REAL, LATE MODEL HERESY purchasers speak up instead of the Klipsch defender who hasn't purchased a Klipsch product for 20 years and who shops on ebay for khorns or lascallas. Is the craftsmanship there? Are the components being used of high quality or just garbage in a hand made box? PLEASE HELP.
  12. Whatever Jim...I erased all of those duplicate post because they were all EXACTLY THE SAME. I thaught I was being curtious.
  13. Sorry for all of the empty post.....Cant explain that, some website problem. I can assure you i would not create so many empty post. In addition, As some of you suggested, I responded by private email to the Klipsch employee who has responded and I have not got a response as of yet. Oh, and by the way. I spoke with my dealer again today and to my surprise they indicated that they were told that the initial delivery time that was given to them was 2-3 weeks. They told me 4-6 weeks to cover their butt. I guess they are on to Klipsch ability or lack there of to "guess" when they can ship a speaker. What a shame
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