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  1. tkdamerica, You did not come off as crass. I considered what you said also. Thanks for commenting.
  2. Yes, I did join in 2007. I didn't even realize it until I went to post the question on this thread. I went to sign up and found that I was already registered. I'm guessing that I originally signed up when I purchased the Pioneer Elite and I was trying to find out if these Klipsch speakers were compatible. I'll see if there is a search feature for any posts I may have made in the past. Thanks to all who have taken the time to respond and to those who welcomed me to the forum, or welcomed me back. Alex
  3. I am 57 years old and am accustomed to having buttons that switch to other components, such as VCR, (yes, vcr), DVD, AM/FM and such. This was the only receiver that I could find at the time that provided a row of buttons. SOLD. Plus, it had the spects at the time. Thanks for your imput though.
  4. I have owned the above referenced Pioneer Elite Receiver, the VSX-81TXV, for a little over five years. No changes in setup or speakers during that time. A few weeks ago, my receiver quit, would not come on. While whatching TV one evening, it just "popped" and it went dead. I took it to a local reputable Pioneer authorized shop and they replaced an amplifier pc board and a transister. The technitian told me he thought the problem was caused by my speakers, which were the Klipsch KSB1.1 bookshelf speakers. He said they were 4 ohms. I went to the Klipsch website and printed off the Specs for those speakers and Klipsch rates them as "nominal 8 ohms". I took the printout when I went to pick my repaired receiver up and showed it to the tech. He used an ohm meter and showed me the reading of 4 ohms, by putting the meter contacts onto the terminals at the back of the speaker. I'm not that technically knowledgeable about ohms and how they affect everything, but now I'm more confused than ever. The dealer I bought my receiver from says its ok to use these speakers. Now some will say that sure he says that, he just wants to sell me another receiver some day when I blow this one again. Not so, though. I have known this guy for many years. He's honest and reputable and could have sold me new speakers today, but talked me out of buying them. I called Pioneer and was told not to use these speakers with this receiver. Klipsch says its probably ok for me tot use them. This receiver was nearly a thousand dollars new five years ago. I got it for around 750.00. Now I have another three hundred in it for the repair and I surely don't want to have it go out on me again, because of this speaker issue. Can anyone give me any guidance here?
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