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  1. djk's post in Dynaco st-70, tube discontinued, any other solution was marked as the answer   
    "Like it, but no 12ax7, solution?"
    A 12AX7 is a dual triode, a 7199 has a triode and a pentode in the same tube (as does the 6U8A).
    In the Dynaco the pentode is for voltage gain, the triode is the phase-splitter.
  2. djk's post in Repairing/modifying Heresy II's was marked as the answer   
    "The distortion comes out very loud and distinct in waves--something on the order of 5 hissing thumps per second."
    Replace all the electrolytics in the 50 year old McIntoshSo((
    from 1967-1973ld from 1967-1973Sold from 1967-1973Sold fro
    (the sound is called motorboating)
    The 1700 was made from 1967~1973.
  3. djk's post in CW1 - k33E was marked as the answer   
    Try the K43 before the EV woofer, no network changes required.
  4. djk's post in WTB KP 201 tweeter diaphragms/drivers was marked as the answer   

    Diaphragms for Klipsch Tweeters for Heresy II, Forte, Forte II,
    Quartet, Chorus, Chorus II, KLF Series, KG Series and Cornwall II.
    Shipping is $6.00 for a pair of these diaphragms in the US.

    Titanium Diaphragms: $52.00 per pair. IN STOCK!!
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