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WTB KP 201 tweeter diaphragms/drivers


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I have a pair of KP 201's and the tweeters are blown. They are the K-76K drivers and are no longer available from Klipsch. Didn't get much help from Tech support when I called. The tweeters in the KI-362 appear to be the same size as the ones in the 201's. The dimensions of the 201 tweeters are 3.5h x 6"w. If someone has a pair can you measure them and let me know.

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Diaphragms for Klipsch Tweeters for Heresy II, Forte, Forte II,
Quartet, Chorus, Chorus II, KLF Series, KG Series and Cornwall II.
Shipping is $6.00 for a pair of these diaphragms in the US.

Titanium Diaphragms: $52.00 per pair. IN STOCK!!


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^good call above. There are a couple different horns in the pro tweeters and several motor assemblies. The horn is differentiated between those with a single curve K76 and K79, and the later design with Tractrix horns the K762 and K792 (you can see the conical, exponential, and hyperbolic sections of the horn fairly clearly - the curve changes). As far as power handing, the motor assemblies (magnet structure) is larger in the K79 types, which is used in the KP362 and KI362 speaker. They ALL use the exact same diaphragm, which is phenolic, but some replacements are available in titanium. I like the originals, some prefer the titanium. For higher power handling, there is a black goo called ferrofluid, which lowers the very hf output but transfers heat from the voice coil to the magnet assembly. When disassembling pro speakers, try to keep that goo in the voice coil gap if you can, or if voice coil is disintegrated and you need to completely clean the gap prior to reassembly, you can either leave it out or obtain a small quantity to add back. Not necessary except in very high power handling situations though. Hope this makes sense.

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