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  1. I have been in touch with Mark at Juicy Music who builds a mini-box for a center speaker. Unfortunately, the box he builds is for PWK's Figure 1 and I need a box for Figure 2, which is designed for speaker outputs of a receiver or stereo amp. Does anyone have the time or appetite to build one for me. I will of course pay for your services. Thank you. Peter
  2. Thanks Tom: I will give it my best attempt. PJA
  3. Many years ago I purchased a pair of Klipschorns and have used them ever since. I also purchased a LaScala as a middle speaker, but never hooked it up. Now, I have moved to an extremely long room and need to hook up the middle speaker but have absolutely no idea how to do this. I have been using a McIntosh MAC 1700 tube receiver to power my Klipschorns. Can anyone in the Klipsch family please tell me what additional equipment I need (if any), and how to hook up my LaScala. Please keep in mind that I am an old man (70) with limited audio or electrical skills. If you could e-mail me with any suggestions at safewater@acadiacom.net I would greatly appreciate it. Peter Abadie
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