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  1. Thanks. I did it. Hopefully I get a hit.
  2. If anyone is interested, I am selling my Klipsch RC-7. I put an ad in the garage sale part of this forum.
  3. I have a Klipsch RC-7 center channel speaker for sale in Central Florida (Melbourne). It is in good functional shape. I am the only owner. One of the woofers has a small line on it but does not affect the sound quality. I noticed several people have woofers this way. The grill has one broken peg. The Klipsch logo on the grill fell off and I lost it. Otherwise, works and sounds great. I had them together with my RF-5 fronts. Always played them responsibly. I sold my RF-5s but the buyer did not want the center. I would like to get $300 firm for it. I noticed people are paying more for them online. I will be driving on I-95 next week (22nd or 23rd) towards Raleigh. So, if someone along I-95 wants to buy it between Melbourne, Florida and Raleigh - send me a note. if you are in the Orlando area - let me know. I can even bring it to you.
  4. It is funny you are offering to sell your RC-7, because I sold my RF-5 and I decided to get a JBL center for my main room. So, I have an RC-7 for sale as well. I am in central Florida (1 hour east of Orlando). So, if anyone is interested, please ping me.
  5. I got the same info from my contact at NAD. End of January is when they will have the firmware ready for the VM300. However, I don't have any immediate need for this since I am still using my Epson 1080UB projector. I am probably more interested in the AM300 (or whatever it is called) since that is supposed to add Dolby Atmos and Dirac support. I have become a big proponent of room correction and while Audyssey is good, the MultiEQ/XT is not sufficient now.
  6. I did it. We sold our RF-5 for $350 last night. This nice guy came and paid cash and picked them up. The living room is empty without it. My wife was actually shedding a little tear! Regarding the NAD, yes - they are beefy receivers. I have the T763 in the family room and it is a bomb. It provides effort less power. It only has 6 amp channels (unlike its big brother the T773). I only have a 5.1 system so not a problem. The T775HD has 7 channels and I use that in my home theater. One other thing I love about the T763 is the jumpers from the pre-amp to amp section. I can use it as a pre-amp or just an amp or both (with jumpers on). I could buy a processor and use the T763 just for the amp (100WPC 6 channels - these are real watts with all channels driven). Unfortunately, the T775HD does not use the jumpers like this so I won't be able to use it as just an amp.
  7. Oh well. I have never had separates. I used to have Harman Kardon AVR 745 for several years. Denon before that. I got the opportunity to buy a NAD T775HD for just $1299 new and got it in 2011. Love it.
  8. NAD finally has the VM300 in their site but does not say it supports the Txx5 series. Oh well. http://nadelectronics.com/products/mdc-modules/VM-300-Video-MDC-Module No news about the AM300.
  9. Yes we are talking about my RF-5s. With reluctance, I am selling them for $350 a pair after unsuccessfully trying to sell them for a higher price. I guess no one in Orlando/Melbourne area is interested!
  10. I haven't heard about the availability for the T775HD. I sent an email to them today. Hopefully, we will know soon. I love my NAD T775. After listening to the Klipsch RF-5 for a dozen years, I wanted a change and took a chance and ordered the JBL 590s. They have huge horns. After the break-in period, I started loving the JBLs. Since I did not find the JBL 520c to be an adequate center channel, I am still using the Klipsch RC-7 as my center. They seem to work fine together. I find the JBL to be less fatiguing for music listening compared to the RF-5. For movies, they are both good.
  11. Well. This guy from Cocoa, FL is coming to my home tonight to pick it up. He promised $350 cash. The speakers are in good shape. The blemishes are only on the cabinet corners in the back. Small chip on the MDF. The drivers are in perfect shape. The front grill has a broken peg on one of them. I had advertised my speakers in craigslist and facebook groups for months and no one even replied! I went from $600 to $400. Getting $350. If any of you want to offer more, make me an offer Here is one photo I have with one of my Klipsch RF-5 next to my new JBL Studio 590 tower.
  12. Is $350 too low? It is in good shape. Some cosmetic nicks and scratches. I was going to sell them if I get a decent price. Not sure if $350 is a decent price or not. I did not get any other offers from craigslist. I am in Melbourne, FL about 60 miles from Orlando. I upgraded my theater room with JBL 590 towers and wanted to sell my RF-5. I kept them downstairs in the living room system and they sounded great. But I thought of downgrading the living room a little and bought Sony Core bookshelves and center as replacement. We will defintely miss the Klipsch.
  13. Would RC-62 ii work as well? I don't have much room behind for the rear ports of the RC-7. RC-62 ii are front ported. I can get a new one for $329 and free shipping from crutchfield.
  14. What is a good center channel I can buy for my RF-5 fronts? I was using an RC-7 as center and loved it. Then I bought a pair of JBL 590 towers to try out something non-Klipsch and I love them as well. So, I replaced the RF-5 with the JBL 590s in the main theater room and still use the RC-7 there. I brought the RF-5 downstairs to my living room. I need a center channel there though. Should I try to find a used RC-7 (hard to come by), or buy a new center? If I buy a new one, would a RC-62 ii work? They are $329 from Crutchfield. Otherwise, I could bring the RC-7 from upstairs to downstairs and get a new center for the JBLs but the JBL 520c looks whimpy compared to the RC-7.
  15. I have had my Klipsch RF5, RC7, RS35 speakers for several years and they have been great. I used to have a HK AVR 745 that I calibrated using their proprietary EzSet/EQ with good results. However, I recently bought a NAD T775HD receiver and tried to do the Audyssey MultiEQ XT calibration. Once I do the settings, and look at the crossover results, I was completely surprised. It put my RC7 at 50Hz (which is fine). It put my surrounds at 60Hz (I would probably up it to 80Hz), but it put my RF5 towers at 200Hz. WTF. I tried it again and same result. I had it going between 160Hz and 250Hz. What is going on? For kicks, I replaced my RF5 with the cheap Insignia NS-B2111 bookshelf speakers and redid audyssey. It set the crossover at 60Hz. Wow. So, are my Klipsch doing something bad at the lower frequencies. Could it be a severe attenuation at some lower frequency that the NAD receiver sets that as the crossover? My room is 21x15.5 and my speakers are on the narrower side.
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