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    I was Jack Frazier's National Sales Manager from 1970 till his death in 1983, and the selling of the company. Cruises...NASCAR...the NC Mountains...Grandson's football, basketball, and baseball.

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  1. ahhhh JD that's qwhat I've got...but I let my oak finish weather some and they are a few shades darker. GREAT SPEAKERS!
  2. Mark VI is a large 3 way system, using a 12" woofer, an 8" mid-range, and a 3x7" horn tweeter. The Manhattan III was a medium sized floor speaker, using a 10" woofer, and a 3x7" horn tweeter.
  3. Just wanted to say hello to all the Frazier nuts that I haven't seen since I went to the FUGers on facebook
  4. So Long FUGers.....hope everybody goes to the facebook page. I hear this will be pulled shortly.
  5. John you know what Jack, Paul, and most legit speaker mfgrs, thought about the Theil/Small bunk don't you? LMAO!!!!!
  6. Mustang...there were never any plans on any of the home models. Jack knew what he wanted, and he had them built. Those 8" drivers were our med duty 8" drivers, and i think they were made for us by Utah. I've told the story before, Jack said that we could never exhaust the slot to the front in a Mark V. Our last run of Mark V-D's, had the the slot exhausted to the front. I had to go into the shop, take a V cabinet, and play with the slot untill I got it to sound like the original V but with the slot to the front, rather than the back. Jack listened to the two of them side by side, behind a curtain, and could tell no difference. When he saw...he said ok we make them like that from now on... We WERE a very loose company but we did have fun!
  7. Dave, you might want to let most of the fugers know about your 11's on facebook. If you have a facebook account just type in Frazier Users Group. Seems most of the fugers are now on that account on facebook. PM started it about 5 months ago. I only check in here about once a week...
  8. Dave...are you selling them for what you paid for them? LOL kidding....I'd heard that less than 200 were produced...put them on e-bay
  9. Lets face it, any loudspeaker is subject to the room they are placed in. 2 1/2" off the floor would be perfect for the 4's..as is the case for all of Jack's speakers. It's the slot coupling to the floor that makes the changes. I know my 5 d's have had to come off the floor since we got a new av cabinet with a heater in it, and not enough room to keep them on the floor, and the sound certainly changed. But I'm keeping my Frazier SS-1 speaker stands handy if that ever changes again. Now the SS-1's were taller than the 2 1/2" bases we made, but they were quite different, had a 2 or 3 degree tilt to aim the speakers to anyone sitting down,,,,and were quite genaric, made for any speakers, but the best mine ever sounded was when they were on the floor, 2 1/2" up, and since they are mirror immageed, I have switched them, to bring the mids and tweeters closer to the center of the room as they are about 10' apart.
  10. Mustang...Jack kept ALL of his designs in his head.Nothing was ever put on paper, which is why yhe company basicly died when he did...It lasted a year and a half after it was sold, but without Jack it was doomed. So sorry...no plans on the Californian.
  11. Not burnt orange...sort of a turquoise... and white and yellow...I had a pair of yellow's in our Farmers Branch den, with black foam grilles, along with a pair of Mark V's, and a pair of Midgets in the music room.(converted garage, made like a bar)(dynaco quad set-up) It was neat and bought the house that way...oh yeah, and a pair of patio's on the patio...
  12. JD your white Capsules were called "Wild Onbe's, remember the brochure with the zebra on the front? They came in White, yellow, and I think burnt orange...not sure about the last color.
  13. Mark has the new logo's, or at least he did have them. His e-mail addres is: mshefmire@gmail.com
  14. there are or is no rhyme or reason to Jack's sr. # cept for the Eleven's. We made the "Thing's" for three years, and sold about 40 pairs, so we dropped them. So you do have a rare piece of Frazier's lore. The last time we made them was 1981, and the dealer cost was 643.63 each speaker, and retail was $1298. each spkr...when you clean the potts, then run them wide open, cause that's the way Jack designed all his speakers. Wide open is "flat". wow 6's and things...lucky you!
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