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  1. K5 I have a few year old entry level 65" Panasonic 3D plasma. I don't mean to sound wishy washy, but after reading some other posts and comparisons etc. I'm thinking about looking for an Acurus 200x3 amp for the front 3, or maybe a good 5 or 7 channel amp, and sticking with my same receiver that I have. Any thoughts on that?
  2. I like reading you guys posts and looking at the great pictures of your home theaters, and I would love some feedback concerning a new receiver. I have a $2000. or so credit at a local appliance store, and have somehow convinced my wife to allow me to buy a new receiver. I now have a Denon 3311, Forte II's front and rear powered by 2 Acurus A150 amps, and KG4's as rear surround speakers. I also have 2 Epik Empire subs. My room is sealed 10x23 and 1840 cubic feet. I do about 90% home theater and 10% music. Unlike most people, i would like to get away from seperates, and just get a large receiver for simplicity, although thats not set in stone. I've been looking around and I like the Denon 4520, and Home Theater mag had a good article on the Pioneer SC68. The store that I have the credit at is an appliance store not a stereo store, and can order both of those, but could be limited on some of the more exotic stuff. Let me know what you guys think, as I would really appreciate some advice from the Klipsch experts!
  3. I have Forte II's and an Academy center channel up front and Forte II's in the back. I have a KSW-12 sub that seems to do well, and an SW-10 sub that seems too small to compliment the Forte II's. My receiver is a Denon AVR-3311CI that offers the 7.2 in the form of front height L&R, front wide L&R, or surround back L&R. I have a Sony BDP BX58 Blueray player. My TV is a Mitsubishi WD 62530 My room is 10X20. I like to listen to some music, but probably movies are more important. My questions are should I do front height, front wide, or surround back, and what speakers should I use? I have some KG4's, KG2.2's, and KG1.2's that I could use, or I don't mind looking around for something else used, preferably Klipsch. What do you think? I would also like to get a different sub to replace the SW-10, a used one of course, and preferably a Klipsch. Any suggestions? One last question. I notice quite a few people have a CD player and a BD player. Does a BD player not do a good job with CD's? If not what would be a good option for a used fairly inexpensive CD player, preferably Denon, but not a must? Your opinions would be appreciated. thank you and God bless......dale
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