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    When I was working nights my wife thought she would show off my stereo to friends and turned the volume up on a movie when the power was off, needless to say you can not jump into an action scene at full volume. RIP Adcom 545 II amp (destroyed) Paradigm monitor 7's (fried cross-over, tweeters and woofers gone) Monitor center channel (blown tweeter) titan surrounds (one still works) The only thing that made it was the sub and the receiver.
  2. 08ses

    New here.

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I tried the phase switch didnt notice much differeance, just a little less bass. I might have to go and listen to some new speakers soon, at least new main channels for now. I want to use bookshelfs because of size limitations and I blew my power amp as well so I would be using my receiver to power the speakers (yamaha RXV-596) Anyways thanks for the info. Nathan
  3. 08ses

    New here.

    I think its time to upgrade already, like I said for movies the quintets are ok but I'm used to sound that is a lot better. I think the price and the size got my attention. I do want to stay in the book shelf size speakers I think I might look at the RB-51and RB-61 and see what they sound like, what are your thoughts on these? I have a 5 year old Yamaha receiver 100wpc x 5 so that should be ok for bookshelf speakers I think? I don't want to get an amp (if I don't need one) Thanks
  4. 08ses

    New here.

    Hi guys and girls. I thought I'd better take the time and introduce myself. I recently had to replace my Paradigm Monitor system (do to my wife destroying it[:'(]) so I thought I would go with something different and townhouse friendly. I bought the Klipsch Quentet 2 surround system and the Sub-12. So far I hate the Quintets for music, they do an ok job for movies and games. The Sub-12 is trully a beast, its loud, shakes the walls but the bass is not that detailed, probably because its turned up to 120 Hrz. If I turn it down to 40hrz it sound good. Anyways I just thought I would say hello and feal free to give me any advice on my system, if you can. Nathan
  5. If you don't mind me asking what would be better? The rb-61 or the rb-35? I can get both for the same price. Thanks
  6. Hi guys how are you? Well this is my first post so take it easy on me. I recently bought the Klipsch Quintet 2 surround system and the Sub-12 and I think its time to upgrade after only 1 month. I do like to listen to 2 channel audio and I find that this is defenetly the weak point of the system. I live in a town house so space is a problem I was thinking about upgrading to the RB-51 or RB-61 and latter on upgrading the center later on. So what do you guys think about these speakers? is it worth the upgrade? Thanks Nathan
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