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  1. Lol... this is not port noise now... it sounds that there is something stuck in the subwoofer and seems to be vibrating and making some excess noise that is pissing me off. And no, I didn't put anything in the sub through the port. LOL!

  2. I am running it %50 on the preamp and %100 on the Windows control panel... if I crank it more then that it keeps clipping it out. My sub volume is at the 10 o' clock position. Maybe it's the kind of music... it is basically hip-hop/rap... What I mean by clipping out is it has a little rattling sound, "farting" (LOL) if you want to call it...

    Can you guys check... here is one particular song...

    Rascalz - Where You At

    Hmm... maybe it's time for a KSW-15...

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