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  1. mine was rattling the same as your sounds like it is. from past experience with car audio i figured it was just something small with it. i opened it up and found that the sub wires were rattling against the wood sides of the box. i put some black tape on em and it stopped rattling. sounds sweet now. cool
  2. my friend has the same soundblaster as me and we both use the same sound settings, his sub is at his feet too and his can actually make bass feel like bass. i just don't see it happening, i've tried adjusting levels and all that good stuff and still after i go past the 1:00 position the sub seems to die off.
  3. umm... i'm a second year engineering student... i think i know what a darlington transistor amplifier is. and second... why is the sub amp the same exact thing as all the satalite amps? don't you think that makes a difference? duh?
  4. it's a soundblaster live mp3+ soundcard and the sub is directly at my feet, i've tried moving it around and it doesn't seem to get any better.
  5. I decided to take a look inside my sub and a look at the so called "BASH" amplifier.... all the amplifier sections for each output are the same, even the sub amp. every device is the same, so how do they determine that there's 160 watts out of it? hmm... good question. i just think the sub is underpowered, not limited.
  6. i understand it's not what it's supposed to be, but even my roommates DTS 3500 sub puts out more bass then my klipsch?
  7. When I turn up my speakers while playing mp3s or movies that have long periods of high bass levels the bass on my sub proceeds to diminish, as if it was losing power, but after i turn it down and back up it's normal then diminishes again, is there a problem with my sub? it hardly sounds like it's putting out the bass everyone is talking about? HELP
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