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  1. Update: I purchased Altec Lansings ATP5s. They are not the perfect speaker system but if I am going to spend over $300 I might as well just go spend $1000 on an AV receiver and a pair of B&W bookshelf speakers. **To my ears** these are much more accurate than the ProMedias, have 90% of the low-end grunt that the ProMedia have, and don't give me a headache.
  2. Well guys, I took my v.2-400s back today to Best Buy and got my money back. I appreciate everybody's help in trying to get around the glaring problems with the ProMedia's mid-range but for $250 there are just too many other better solutions. I am going to try to find a replacement set for my rehooked-up Boston Acoustic BA635s. I miss the thunderous bass of the Klipsch system already, but the first time I heard Billie Holiday's voice come through my Bostons, I knew I made the right decision in returning the Klipsch. It is very possible that my ears just receive sounds differently from most people because these ProMedias gave me a headache like you can't believe.
  3. Heh I dunno how to work this damn thing....lemme fool with it.
  4. Well, I'm cursed with pretty good ears too. But I didn't expect an audiophile system...I just expected something superior to all the other "multimedia" systems, and this one really isn't. The little Boston Acoustic BA636 speakers are less than half the size of the Klipsch yet they have *much* more accurate midrange. In fact, the more I listen to the Klipsch I discover just how "canned" the midrange is...it really sounds awful. It almost sounds as if all my music is being downsampled and played back to me. This is the price I paid by trusting computer gaming websites (that know nothing whatsoever of audio) to recommend a set of speakers. These ARE great for games...no question, but I'd appreciate it if more websites would bring attention to the fact that these sound very different from Altec Lansings, Cambridge, and Boston Acoustics offerings. I'm still "burning in" my speakers and hope something jarrs into place before my 14 day return period is up.
  5. Hmmm. I disagree. My impression of Bose was of all boomy bass and all tinny highs... Then again, I've tried to limit my exposure to Bose as much as possible. These Klipsch certainly sound better than Bose....but they exhibit many of the same annoying features.
  6. I am hoping that breaking them in will help make them sound as good as everybody in the world proclaims.
  7. Ugh. heh well thanks for the straight shootin', k27. I'm gonna see how I can live with them for the next day or two. I have 14 days to return.. thanks!
  8. Well, I've heard raves about these speakers and managed to find some for $199 and bought them. I have the V.2-400. I couldn't demo them but took everybody's word on how wonderful these were and bought them without listening first (my big mistake!). Well, I have them properly configured (I believe) and I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed. There is absolutely no midrange to speak of. I have the subwoofer set to "10 o'clock" and even there it completely overpowers all the other bass information. Highs seem too tight and compressed and border on being tinny. In fact, after only listening to it for about 30 minutes I already have a headache. Voices don't sound "real" or ethereal as they should, but harsh. I could barely make it through a Radiohead song that I adore because of this. I am coming from using a set of Boston Acoustics BA635, a cheapo $69 setup with speakers and sub half the size of the Klipsch. There is no WAY that old setup should sound better than the Klipsch, but it does. This leads me to two possible conclusions. 1) I have a faulty unit 2) these speakers cater to the "Bose crowd" I have lowered my SB Live's output levels and allowed the Klipsch to do the majority of the amplification. That helped a bit. Wiring was doublechecked so I don't believe the answer lies in messing with that. If anybody has noticed these defencies in these speakers I'd love to hear about it.
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