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  1. Do you have a test CD that plays certain frequencies?

    Why not open up the amp, play the CD tones and listen for the rattle to see what is loose. Might just be a simple bolt that needs tightened inside.

    I did this with my room. I kept hearing certain vibrations occuring....used my Test CD to pinpoint what was rattling and was easily able to resolve those issues.

    Thank you Youthman, its weird it only happen when the movie loads in the PS3 not durning the whole play back. I will take the amp out of the tv stand and take the lid off. How long should I let it sit so the electronic charge dissipate?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello gentlemen I have had my Emotiva UPA 5 for three years now and it has provided me with a lot of joys with movies and music. Last night while watching a movie the amp started making a slight rattling sound when my ps3 was loading the movie, and again half way through the same movie. It sounds like something is lose and when the ps3 creates a certian frequency the noise appears. Is there anything I should be worried about? I don't want to send it back to Emotiva since I live in Canada and the shipping would be a pain.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  3. I own the Yamaha 1065 and I really enjoy it for movies, easy to setup and the YPAO works fairly well, it is 2 years old though. I just went on the Yamaha web page and they basically have four separate lines with up to 12 models per line, so it can be confusing with out a budget.

    Will your uncle need 4k pass through and 1.4? Some of the models have XM satellite radio and a front usb port for music.

  4. I've been following Sony with there 4K and it seems like a leap forward but at a huge price, the estimates for the 84inch are over $20'000!

    So the price is high and from what I can understand ultra hd is only noticable on screens higher the 65inches. Don't get me wrong I would love to have one but I know it would be many years before I could afford one. I wonder if the technology will trickle down to projectors as well.

  5. Wow absolutely amazing system, the room is stunning too.

    I went through the four pages and looked at the progress of the build and no corners where cut, i really dig the "stars".

    I didn't notice what are you using for subs, are you using the KW-120THX subs?

  6. 51Wt7n6YsRL._SL500_AA300_.jpg

    Prometheus Poster

    I liked it cause it answered some questions and added new questions.

    Alien is still the best!

    I am definitely going to pick this up, there was an interview with Ridley Scott and he hinted at a sequel to Prometheus, he also confirmed Blade Runner 2. I guess I'm a sci-fi junky at heart but I'm very excited.

  7. Let me try to be more clear for you guys, I have 1 set of Synergy S1 surrounds and 1 set(temperarily) of HD 500 surrounds. If I listen to a 5.1 movie in straight decoder , I want the better surrounds to be on.

    The surround back speakers will be the 7.1 speakers, the side surrounds will be the original 5.1 surround speakers.

  8. yeah my local FShop doesn't have them yet either was thinking about ordering them online. But I can get a pair of the RF62II's from a different store for $988 and FShop wants $1398 for two.

    I looked online at them, thebhave the IV feet?

    I also noticed they have the RF-82 on clearance for $300 each, that seems like a fantastic deal.

  9. Im kind of whatever my last upgrade is lol. If I get a new sub Im all about bass movies. Then

    I get a new amp and its sound. Now Im really into video with my last upgrade being

    a projector.

    I understand completly, I'm rewatching a lot of my movies since my subs are some what new to me.

    I would love to get a projector but I want to upgrade my TV first.

  10. Would love to see a review of the movies listed for picture

    and sound also from a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (best).

    I just watched the mummy movies 1-3. I gave all of them high

    marks on sound and picture. The 3rd one has one of the best pictures

    I have ever seen from a non-animated movie. Highly recommend them.

    I give the first 2 a 7 for picture and 8 for sound.

    The 3rd one I give 10 and 10.

    I think that's a great idea, rather simple too.

    Ill be honest audio quality is more important to me Vs picture quality.

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