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  1. it sounds not sharp on all matreial without on a part different colletion disc pangs to be bad kvalite on much of these disks unfortunately
  2. Im yousing rotel amp rmb 1095 and for the moment my musical source is a pioneer blueray player witch im going to change son for a marantz sa 11-s2.
  3. what is it i shall do with the room that you suggest then? [:^)]
  4. for the moment i only have a pioneer blueray player to my cd but im thinking of buing the marantz sa11 s2 cd player i have listen to a couple of cd players and marantz sa 11-s2 sound amazing to me so i think it will be it but i havent bout any cable yet you recomend the brand Cardas 300b can i find them in xlr i live in sweden and i have never heard some one talked about that brand but i shall look for the brand.
  5. sorry i dident answer you russ. my amplifier is a rotel rmb1095 my speaker cabel is audioqest cw-8 i have little rca supra cable between my rotel and marantz what i now i have to change and i also have a marantz av 8003 pre-amp/processor. and i i have tried alot of cd players and found out what marantz sounds best for me and what was there sa 11-s2 so i vill also youse xlr cable in the near future. hope that is a few answer on your question tell me if you dont understand me my english spelling arent the best regards fredrik
  6. I have a couple klipsch rf-7 that I think sounds a little sharp occasionally on high volume so my question is if any know if it is something especially in some frequency there the horn sounds sharp I have put down the horn 3db with my equlaiser. but im not totaly happy with that solution. grateful for help and hint []
  7. Hello How does klipsch Khorn look like i dont now if i found them on klipsch home page.Today i have klipsch rf-7 and i like them but i always look for improvment i also have two digitaldesign 9515,15" subbwofer so i have base but sometime i think the horn sounds a little well sharp i have also listened on the majority different cd player but i think the horn still can become sharp in the sound on truly high volume maybe it becomes better with new filters that dean g builds ? best regards fredrik
  8. which klipsch loudspeaker plays most base and midbase best regards fredrik [6]
  9. hello, I have placed commandment on two Primare cd 31 them shall apparently fit good together with klipsch and it is used players the price for them is about $ 1,100 a new cd 21 they sell here for $ 1,200 so its not so big difference for the moment
  10. Hello, I live in sweden so i think im only intrested in new cd players to buy here in sweden and i have been looking for a jolida shop in sweden but i havent found some yet
  11. which cd plays manufacture shall i chose that fit together with klipsch speaker i have looked on among other marantz but alot of people here maby have some thing to recomend. I know that it shall be a player with warm character Best regards Fredrik []
  12. I have read that some here built new crossovers for their rf-7 and i wonder if its worth modify and how much costs it to modify 2 crossovers grateful for answer. beast regards Fredrik
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