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  1. hey guys help me out here,i got a pair of rf52 for fronts,ialso have a pair of rf15 just sitting around doing nothing(not connected) can i hook up the rf15s to the same receiver to have 4 front speakers,can this damage my receiver or speakers? receiver is harman kardon avr 240
  2. wow!!! i guess ill change them back to small. thanks a lot
  3. so i did change my speakers to large,and set the sub to 80hz and it does sound a litlle better,i like it better this way but will i damage my speakers? thnxs
  4. thanks alot buddy! ill give that a try,see how it works out.
  5. thanks a lot,but when u say crossover set at 80hz would that be the lowpass on my sub to set to 80hz? sorry!dont mean to sound stupid but i dont know much about speakers,
  6. hey guys!please help me!should i set my speakers to large or small? im running harman kardon avr240 to rf 52s fronts,rf 25 rears,rc 52 center and synergy sub 10,i notice a sound difference when speakers are set to large as to small but what would be the right setting.also on my sub at what level should i have my Gain and Lowpass i also have the phase switch set to 0 instead of 180,is that right?
  7. please help me decide on what wound be better im using rf52 as fronts,rb51 as rears,sub 10,and as center synergy c1,now here is my thing,should i upgrade my fronts rf52,s to the rf62,s and keep my same center,or should i keep my rf52,s and upgrade my center to the rc52.
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