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  1. Update - 

    The SVS PB16-Ultra is in the house. Working well. Is it better than the RSW-15 - maybe. Definitely not inferior. The jury is still out on whether it is better (my wife thinks it is). I am still fine tuning settings.

    To be realistic, I paid ~$1800 for the RSW-15 in 2003. Factor in an inflationary increase and deduct a Black Friday week incentive, arguably, the PB16-Ultra costs the same or less. All good there.


    I have purchased a Behringer external amp and the necessary connectors and accessories to re-config the RSW-15 to an external amp. I will be working on this after Christmas. I am keen to see how the 2 play together...or do not. Experimentation and learning is half the fun - no?

    Hmmmm - a lot of space a PB16-Ultra and a RSW-15 take up....


    Thanks for the advice and opinions people. Happy Holidays.


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  2. I see the¬†Behringer NX3000D...DSP¬†¬†has these specs: "Power output: 2 x 1500W @ 2 ohms, 2 x 900W @ 4 ohms, 2 x 440W @ 8 ohms ‚ÄĘ Bridged power output: 3000W @ 4 ohms, 1500W @ 8 ohms"

    So, as I understand it - 900W@4 ohm or 440W@8 ohm would be ~750W@6 ohm....no? If so, that will be fine. Anyone know for sure what the impedance is on the RSW-15 driver? Is it 6 ohm? I have not opened mine up to look - yet.


    jvs - that Bash is cheaper (nice). 500W enough? I would still need to make a box for it. I am OK with drilling into the RSW-15 (cherry) for a binding post or 2. Not sure I would want to mount the Bash on/in the sub.


    Thanks again.




  3. Thanks Jason - I did think about dual subs. 


    Does anyone know the impedance of the RSW-15 driver? I think I recall reading somewhere it was 6 ohms?

    What would be a good amp for this? Behringer NX300D w/DSP - is this enough? Others?


    Thanks folks.


  4. 2 Hsu's , Yes - true.

    But considering I spent $1900 on the RSW-15 in 2003'ish - spending a bit more now is moot.


    I have a SVS¬†PBÔĽŅ16 UÔĽŅltÔĽŅrÔĽŅÔĽŅa inbound. Looking forward to it. Will still fix the RSW-15 - with¬†an external amp in the future.¬†

    I still have RF7s, RS7s and an RC7 - so I will be back....


    Good luck to all and thank you again!


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  5. Thanks for the input everyone.


    The P-312w does not appear to be available on the Klipsch site. I see some other urls with a Google search where it sells for $2499. That is the same price a the SVS PB16-Ultra - which looks like a lot more sub. My concern with the SVS is the weight: 175lbs - this will hurt if I need to move it.


    I have had my RSW15 repaired once (2 years ago) by Edwards Electronics - it worked great for 2 years. I am looking at maybe driving it with an external amp like one of the posts mentioned above. Anyone done this?


    Decisions, decisions.




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  6. Digging up my old thread - 

    Well, my RSW-15 is dead again. As this thread shows, I had it repaired 2 yrs ago and it worked great for 2 years. 


    I have no idea what to replace it with. Klipsch do not seem to have an equivalent - or am I missing it? My setup is similar the post #1 (RF7s up front, RC7 center and RS7s sides). I changed the receiver to a Yamaha RX-A3060 shortly after the repair 2 yrs ago. We watch mostly movies in a somewhat open room 20'x14'x9'.

    Starting to look at SVS and Hsu. maybe DIY an 18" - any suggestions?


    Not sure what I will do with the RSW-15, maybe fix it again down the road, maybe sell it.



  7. On 3/22/2017 at 3:53 PM, Jaqualope said:

    @amstaff do you remember how you contacted edwards electronics on Ebay?  i can't seem to currently.  i have the same issue as you had and that is a good deal to get it fixed.  Id like some sort of interaction before i blinding send a part off with $165 tape to it.

    I simply contacted the seller on Ebay - I got a quick response. Turn time of the parts was as advertised - maybe a few days sooner. I had read good reviews about EE before I went with them. 

    Sub is still running as good as ever.



  8. On 2/27/2017 at 9:42 PM, scooksville said:

    Hi Amstaff,


    I am in a similar boat as you were with an RSW-15 that has a bad amp. Been looking at Edwards Electronics as well for the repair, based on your review! When I looked at the place Klipsch recommended, Sybesma in MI, they wanted about $300, with no guarantee of repair! After seeing your great success with Edwards, I'd like to use them. I contacted them by email and phone (left a message) but haven't heard back yet. I guess I'd like to talk to somebody there to get a "warm fuzzy feeling" before blindly sending my parts over there. 


    My question now that you've had it back for some time, how is it working for you? Would you think buying the extra year of warranty is worth it for this sub?



    Late reply - sorry for that.


    Sub working great, money well spent. I did relocate it when I got it working. Sounds better than ever - that is the location, more in the corner of the room now as opposed to the side.


    I, personally, would not spend money on a warranty. If/when it dies again - I am going shopping. I have the wife's permission. Maybe a SVS SB or PB16.... :-)




  9. On 12/18/2016 at 9:57 AM, willland said:


    Please report back about the Yamaha 3060.  If I decide not to add the new VM300(4K/HDR/2.2/etc) module to my NAD T175HD pre/pro, I may just go the Yamaha 3060 route or their 5100 pre/pro.



    I have had the Yamaha hooked up for a few weeks now - but I have not had much time to dig into the details. I also picked up a Logitech Harmony Elite which was a pain to setup initially but is working great now, 

    The Yamaha sounds great with movies, the Denon was not bad but I felt it lacked something when it replaced the RX-Z1. The 3060 seems louder than the Denon - seems to put out more decibels at the same volume setting - this is what I remember when I replaced the RX-Z1.

    One of the main motivators to replace the Denon was getting ready for a 4k TV this year and a nice bonus is the fact that my wife can play her Spotify thru the receiver with ease. I gotta say she does give the system a workout when she cranks up the volume when listening to Rammstein - the RSW-15 sounds awesome here.



  10. 20 hours ago, waddisme said:

    After 11 yrs of flawless performance, my RSW-15 won't turn on.  It had been plugged up the whole time and I unplugged it to arrange some cables and it would not fire back up.  Guess I will be sending to Edwards.  Just not exactly sure what AI am sending.  I have driver and passive cover removed.  do I just remove the 4 bolts holding dowm amp and remove back control panel and mail to Edqrds.  Tips before I get too far?


    Thanks in advance.



    I had the same thing happen to mine a few months ago. It was around 12 years old. I mailed the amp and the back control panel to Edwards - so yes, you have it right. 4 screws for the amp iirc and the control panel is stuck down - a bit of a pain to remove but not too bad. Make a note of where the wires/plugs go for when you put it back together in a few weeks.

    I was happy with my dealings with Edwards.


  11. 6 hours ago, charles m said:

    forget what i said about the P-312W ,get your RSW-15 FIXED ! if you can 

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Id d get the RSW-15 repaired. Sent the parts off, came back in working order, reinstalled them and am good to go. Very happy.


    I also moved the position of the sub from a sub-optimal side facing (across the room, parallel to the seating position) to the corner next to one of the RF-7s. Wowza. What a difference that makes. I am having to take pictures off of the walls now :-) else they rattle too much.


    On a side note, I am replacing my Denon 4311Ci AVR with a Yamaha RX-A3060. A Christmas present from the wifey. Keen to see how that fits in with everything. The Denon 4311Ci replaced a Yamaha RX-Z1(which I still have) - was never overly impressed with the Denon. Going back to Yammy.


  12. I removed both - speaker and passive.

    The amp is in the middle of the box, between the "speakers" - at least it was on the RSW-15. Maybe you could get way with only removing one or the other- i dont recall (age :-) )


    On mine the rear one is the speaker, the front is the passive.

    They are held in (besides the screws) by a thin tape, easy enough to work free with a little bit of patience, prying etc.Same story for the control plate, remove the screws, and pry up gently.





  13. I sent my amp and back plate to Edwards Electronics in Mesa, AZ a few weeks ago - sent some money along with it and got back some functioning RSW15 parts.


    Mine would briefly light when powered on then nothing.


    I recommend EE - they did fine by me. I have a thread "Another RSW15 bites the dust" in this forum - last updated a few days ago, that talks about my woes.

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  14. The RSW-15 is back in business. Parts arrived today Tuesday (NC) not bad for FedEx ground from AZ that shipped on Friday.

    Just got the sub put back together - works like it used to. 


    Kudos to Edwards Electronics, turn around time was in line with expectations  -around 3 weeks door to door. Could not tell what component was replaced - but it works great. If your sub goes bye-bye I would recommend checking them out.



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  15. thanks derrick - I have some HD "window stuff" in my garage, old though. The PE  stuff,  if it's the same, is a premium price...all good if my sub is kicking *** in a week or two - happy, happy, joy, joy.


    I have noticed since the RSW-15 has been out of order - the RS-7's put out some good bass too. Switched the Denon 4311Ci to large fronts....not too bad.


    If the RSW-15 does not kick *** like it used to - out with the old :-)


    Thanks for everyone's input!

  16. HooHoo - my repaired stuff is on its way back from Edwards Electronics eta late next week (11/17).

    I have ordered some gaskets:




    the PE stuff both 3/8" and 1/2"


    Anyone better than the other?

    I am still itching to build a 18" box - we will see.


  17. The parts arrived at Edwards Electronics this week Tuesday. I hope to have them back in a few weeks.

    A question for y'all: I removed the speaker and the passive - Klipsch used a real thin sealing tape on them. It seems aftermarket tape is all like weatherstripping tape (thin'ish foam). I assume I will need to seal it went putting it all back together. Is the foam tape OK for that?


    Thanks - will keep this thread posted on progress.



  18. 5 hours ago, babadono said:

    Are you handy with that there voltmeter? I can send you a PDF of the service manual if you like. Drop me a PM if so.

    I appreciate the offer - the parts are on their way to Edwards Electronics. 


    I am considering a second sub - not sure what yet. I am intrigued by the DIY ones - Scrappydue's thread really peeked my interest.



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