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  1. Yes - what @willland said I have (have had) a very similar (albeit 5.1) setup to you. I have had RF-7,RC-7 and RS-7 for 15+years. Driven then with a Yamaha RX-Z1, Denon-4311CI and currently a Yamaha RX-A3060. I also have a SVS PB-16 Ultra sub. The A3060 can drive Atmos speakers, I am yet to buy some, would likely go with some I could place on top of the RF-7s. Whenever replacing the AVR - I look at something that is around the same price point as my past AVRs. Newer ones obviously have updated capabilities. I still have my old AVRs - I still have a soft spot for the RX-Z1. Look for similar power to what you currently have, with the features you want. And then go searching for the best price.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Can I place the RSX on top of the RF-7 and still get the "Atmos" effect?
  3. I had(still have) a RSW-15, bought it new in the early 2ks, it rocked the house. Had amp issues, had it replaced, then more issues and bought a SVS-PB16Ultra. Turns out he RSW-15 still works (a spade connector had vibrated loose). I only verified the loose spade after I purchased the PB16. In my room and my opinion, the PB16 is better but not night and day better. If I was offered "keep running your RSW-15" or "here is a PB16 for $2K" I woulda stuck with the RSW. I do not measure the Hz and sound, I simply sit and watch movies, crank up the volume, and drink a beer or two. IMO - Certain (older) Klipsch subs can run with the big dogs. Sad, but I will not buy another Klipsch sub. Klipsch fronts, center, sides, surrounds...all day
  4. If you are going to want to drive your speakers at or near max - then you are right. Get a receiver that can provide 150W per channel (5 channels looking ahead to your center and surrounds). Be prepared to spend $$$ and maybe even go down the road of a getting a separate amplifier....or two. However, I highly doubt you will want to run these at that level. 150W would be insanely loud. I suspect most people listen to their HT setups in the 40W to 50W range (this is a guess, anyone have a better number?). My front speakers (RF-7) are rated at 250W/100W. I drive them off of a Yamaha RX-A3060 receiver and it cannot push close to 250W (maybe 130W iirc?). This is way more than I will ever need for my HT. Also, do not get hung up on a Klipsch subwoofer. Lots of other brands out there some better than Klipsch.
  5. Klipsch people, I current have an original (bought new many years ago) RF-7, RC-7 and RS-7 5.1 setup, sub is a SVS PB-16 Ultra. I drive these from a Yamaha RX-A3060 receiver. I am thinking about adding some Atmos speakers to my setup. My receiver is good to go. Are the RP-500SA the way to go? Any better ones? Anyone have experience adding these to a similar setup? Did they make a noticeable difference? Add: I would want to place them on top of the RF-7s. But could wall mount them higher up if needed (9ft ceiling) Thanks
  6. Amstaff


    Sounds like a bad amp - not unusual with Klipsch's powered subs. How old? Under warranty? If not - buy another brand.
  7. I will add Yamaha to the mix. wuzzzer is right - look for the features you need and want and then look for something that will deliver clean power that your speakers can handle. You said RP-800F - do you mean RP-8000F? I find no 800s on a Google search (1st page searching for "RP-800F klipsch" no exact hits) The 8000s have excellent specs - up to 150W RMS 98db. Do not short change them on an under-powered amp/receiver. Look for a major brand like have been listed, the features you need(want), enough channels to server your needs now (and maybe in a year or two) and enough power 120W or 130W per channel or more. My 2 cents only.
  8. I have a SVS PB-16 Ultra it runs with my 15+ year old RF-7s, RC-7 and RS7s. It replaced my Klipsch RSW-15 also 15+ years old. Gotta say, the SVS is a boss sub. Mostly movies. It is awesome.
  9. Good call. I suspect the V385 will work out fine - looking at the high-level specs: V385: 70 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.09% THD, with 2 channels driven R-S202: 100 watts x 2 into 8 ohms (40-20,000 Hz) at 0.2% THD 70W@ .09% vs 100@.2 - the V385 may work out better...and there is the sub aspect 🙂 And....when u want to add more speakers...and..and Good luck - let us know what you think when u have it setup
  10. So, your speakers are 20+ years old,right? Nothing wrong with old speakers, they can work awesome. https://www.bose.com/en_us/support/products/bose_speakers_support/bose_stereo_support/4_2_series2.html Your amp is not a "top shelf" one (power wise) - by today's standards, but may work well for your usage. The room you show is pretty big. I don't think you want to over-power your speakers with bass, especially in stereo. No HT in there? My advice...Buy a cheap'ish sub. Don't over pay. Don't buy Klipsch. A few hundred $$ should be more than enough.....
  11. OP - I have the PB16 Ultra too. The only complaint I have with mine is the weight of the thing at 175lbs it is a chore to move around. But is sounds awesome. Hang in there - get a new cord and be happy. Good luck.
  12. Amstaff

    Sub 10

    From the Klipsch website: 200 watts continuous, 420 watts dynamic power 1st link that showed up in a Google search - really?
  13. SVS has an amazing warranty and return policy. Check em out. Also, keep an eye on their Outlet page. I picked up a SVS PB-16 Ultra (MSRP 2499) for 1899 with no blemish and full warranty.
  14. I don't have one but there have been a few recent threads indicating similar issues to what you are describing: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/188746-bar-48/ Good luck.
  15. When I needed my amp repaired on my RSW-115 a few years ago I removed both the driver and the radiator. I had to send in the amp and the "switch panel" at the bottom of the back of the sub with all of the switches and connectors - the driver is in the rear so you will need to remove it - if you need to remove and send the switch panel. There were more wires and connectors internally than I was expecting to see.
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