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  1. I don't follow each subs specs and capability closely - but I would say that the RSW-15 be more sub than a R-115SW - heck, it cost me ~$1900 15 years ago ... almost 3x a R-115SW (based on today's Amazon price). The RSW-15 is finished in Cherry - matches the RF7s and RC7 - awesome. @Youthman compared the SB16 to the RSW-15: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/176151-klipsch-rsw-15-vs-svs-sb-16/
  2. Hey - the RSW-15 is no slouch. I have not heard the current breed of Klipsch 15's but lots of folks say the RSW-15 was amongst the best subs Klipsch has ever put out. My room is not ideally suited to a sub - lots of open walls, and only one real seating spot. It is not a dedicated HT room. The RSW-15 and now the PB-16 compensate for that somewhat. Could it be placed better? Maybe, not sure, not too many feasible locations - and both are big subs.
  3. I had my RSW-15 (cherry) repaired a few years ago (bought it new along with RF7s,RC7 and RS7s back in the early 2000's). Last November the RSW-15 stopped working again. I assumed the worst and purchased a SVS PB-16 Ultra in black oak veneer. Do I think the SVS is better than the RSW-15 - yes? Night and day better? No. The black oak looks good IMO - then my TV stand that housed the receiver etc is black too. Works great with my speakers - driven by a Yamaha RX-A3060 It also appears that my RSW-15 is not dead, I did open it and saw I had a loose spade connector. Now, I either run the 2 subs...or sell the RSW....
  4. I don't know about your specific speakers capabilities and room size and intended use. Here is my experience with Klipsch stuff. I have a close to 20 year old setup - RF-7, RC-7, RS-7 and used to have a RSW-15 sub. These worked great. I had issues a few years ago with the RSW-15 sub and had to get it repaired. A year or so back I had another issue and replaced it with a SVS PB16-Ultra. 2 PB16's will do you well - but they are not Klipsch and they will very likely be overkill for your speakers/room/AVR/use....etc My advice - do not get hung up on a Klipsch sub (or two). I love my speakers but there are better subs to be had. Check other brands SVS/HSU etc. Subs are have a much (no?) lesser requirement to timbre match the other speakers. If you are hell bent on Klipsch a rule of thumb (mine) would be spend around what you spent on your fronts for a sub. Then buy two. Maybe: 2x R-120SW? This is my opinion so it may not be worth considering.
  5. Amstaff

    RSW-15 died

    OP - any word yet? EE was good to my RSW-15. I sent my parts in late 2016 (iirc) took about a month. Reinstalled and it worked flawlessly for 2 years. Late 2018 it stopped working again. I assumed a failed component - and purchased a replacement SVS-PB16 Ultra. I had planned to turn the RSW-15 into an external amp powered unit - I opened it back up starting to plan the external amp thing - and noticed one of the spade connectors had become disconnected - I re-attached and it works again....so EE's fix was good and continues to be good. So, now I have a butt kicking SVS-PB16 Ultra AND my still awesome RSW-15. The SVS is a damn fine sub and it is hard to say it is better than the RSW-15, I am not sure it is. I am not sure it is not.
  6. My 2 cents - I bought an RSW-15 around 15 years ago. It went out a little over 2 years ago (I have a thread on that here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/166611-another-rsw-15-bites-the-dust/ ) I had it repaired and it went out a month or so ago. I too was hesitant about buying another Klipsch sub - I did get excellent mileage out of mine, but recent reports on later models did not appear to be good. I went with a SVS-PB16-Ultra. Besides moving it around (175 lbs) it is great. I am not an audiophile, I do not measure SPLs and that "stuff". It does seem "tighter", deeper and louder. I am very happy with my choice and SVS gives an excellent warranty. Oh - BTW - I did fix my RSW-15 (this past weekend) - so now I have 2 a$$ kicking subs 🙂 Just don't have the real-estate to place 2 behemoths - yet.
  7. 🙂 My wife would disagree....I think. But she likes bass so I am good for now - I think....
  8. Update - The SVS PB16-Ultra is in the house. Working well. Is it better than the RSW-15 - maybe. Definitely not inferior. The jury is still out on whether it is better (my wife thinks it is). I am still fine tuning settings. To be realistic, I paid ~$1800 for the RSW-15 in 2003. Factor in an inflationary increase and deduct a Black Friday week incentive, arguably, the PB16-Ultra costs the same or less. All good there. I have purchased a Behringer external amp and the necessary connectors and accessories to re-config the RSW-15 to an external amp. I will be working on this after Christmas. I am keen to see how the 2 play together...or do not. Experimentation and learning is half the fun - no? Hmmmm - a lot of space a PB16-Ultra and a RSW-15 take up.... Thanks for the advice and opinions people. Happy Holidays.
  9. I see the Behringer NX3000D...DSP has these specs: "Power output: 2 x 1500W @ 2 ohms, 2 x 900W @ 4 ohms, 2 x 440W @ 8 ohms • Bridged power output: 3000W @ 4 ohms, 1500W @ 8 ohms" So, as I understand it - 900W@4 ohm or 440W@8 ohm would be ~750W@6 ohm....no? If so, that will be fine. Anyone know for sure what the impedance is on the RSW-15 driver? Is it 6 ohm? I have not opened mine up to look - yet. jvs - that Bash is cheaper (nice). 500W enough? I would still need to make a box for it. I am OK with drilling into the RSW-15 (cherry) for a binding post or 2. Not sure I would want to mount the Bash on/in the sub. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks Jason - I did think about dual subs. Does anyone know the impedance of the RSW-15 driver? I think I recall reading somewhere it was 6 ohms? What would be a good amp for this? Behringer NX300D w/DSP - is this enough? Others? Thanks folks.
  11. 2 Hsu's , Yes - true. But considering I spent $1900 on the RSW-15 in 2003'ish - spending a bit more now is moot. I have a SVS PB16 Ultra inbound. Looking forward to it. Will still fix the RSW-15 - with an external amp in the future. I still have RF7s, RS7s and an RC7 - so I will be back.... Good luck to all and thank you again!
  12. Thanks JVS1670 - appreciate the input. I will likely try "passive-fying" the RSW later. Right now, I am close to pulling the trigger on a SVS PB-16 Ultra. All good stuff on this forum - thanks again all.
  13. Thanks for the input everyone. The P-312w does not appear to be available on the Klipsch site. I see some other urls with a Google search where it sells for $2499. That is the same price a the SVS PB16-Ultra - which looks like a lot more sub. My concern with the SVS is the weight: 175lbs - this will hurt if I need to move it. I have had my RSW15 repaired once (2 years ago) by Edwards Electronics - it worked great for 2 years. I am looking at maybe driving it with an external amp like one of the posts mentioned above. Anyone done this? Decisions, decisions.
  14. Digging up my old thread - Well, my RSW-15 is dead again. As this thread shows, I had it repaired 2 yrs ago and it worked great for 2 years. I have no idea what to replace it with. Klipsch do not seem to have an equivalent - or am I missing it? My setup is similar the post #1 (RF7s up front, RC7 center and RS7s sides). I changed the receiver to a Yamaha RX-A3060 shortly after the repair 2 yrs ago. We watch mostly movies in a somewhat open room 20'x14'x9'. Starting to look at SVS and Hsu. maybe DIY an 18" - any suggestions? Not sure what I will do with the RSW-15, maybe fix it again down the road, maybe sell it.
  15. I simply contacted the seller on Ebay - I got a quick response. Turn time of the parts was as advertised - maybe a few days sooner. I had read good reviews about EE before I went with them. Sub is still running as good as ever.
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