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  1. Well i may be able to get some decent condition used Rf7 III as well as RC 64 III s. I thinking getting a 2 channel amp for the RF7's and then use anthem MRX540 (100 wpc with 2 channels driven). Initially i was thinking of doing RP-600M's for L and R surround but now I really don't want to mount anything on the poles or on the wall in the basement (WAF) and just do in ceiling or in wall in a 5.1.4 or 5.2.4 setup. What model of Klipsch in ceiling/in wall speakers do you recommend for high SPL: 1) L and R rear surround (RP-640D or CDT-5800-C II) or something else 2) L and R rear and front overhead. Again looking for big and more efficient.
  2. I was thinking of running all the speakers to get club sound and i understand the power limitations. maybe get something like this https://emotiva.com/collections/amps/products/xpa-5-gen3 for LCR and for the 600M just buy a lower power AVR and power the cleanings with them. The subs can be powered Which is a budget average pwoer but hugely feature rich AVR that you suggest then?
  3. So if i go this route Klipsch RP-8000F X 2 Klipsch RP-504C X 1 Klipsch RP-600M X 2 Klipsch CDT-5800-C II X 4 and a svs or a couple of 150subs what kind of amps do you recommend to drive them hard but not hard enough to clip the speakers. Looking at amps with lower $
  4. What is the main difference between RF7-iii and the RP8000F. Is the price difference worth it?
  5. If Cory can get me a good discount and will ship to Canada.. i am open to options. Ideally i will be looking for a 5.2.4 system or something like that
  6. That has completely blown my budget. Actually the AVR, Projector and Screen will be around 6.5K so that leaves me 3.5K to 5.5K for speakers and a sub. One RF7iii is 3K
  7. So we are finishing our basement and I want a decent HT setup. We do entertain a lot so wife wants a club like setup (dance party with around 30 guests who like loud music). Our basement is open and we want it to stay open as much as possible so want to avoid speakers on the floor (except the front LCR) and our budget for everything including screen, speakers, amp, sub is around 10K CAD (maybe a bit more). I can run power/speaker wires myself. Can you guys make recommendations on 1) Speakers/sub with high enough SPL to produce club like sound as well as good HT sound. 2) Speaker placement in the complicated open basement: Attached is the floor plan of the basement. If you see the diagram the screen can go on the wall that is 17.4 ft there is a wall on the right to put rear and side speakers (depending on 5.1 or 7.1) There are 2 poles behind and one pole on the left that could be used. There is also the ceiling but i would not want to rely on the ceiling speakers for SPL but rather for 3D sound if required. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your reply. Its dimenions are 15" W x 19.5" H x 9" D The Klipsch is HEIGHT 36.10” WIDTH 7.87” DEPTH 14.82” So the Klipsch is bigger. Will it still exceeed the SPL of the Klipsch? Do i need to buy anything else other than the speaker and the crossover (other than glue, paint etc.) Is HTM-12 a overkill? Right now both are out of stock
  9. We listen to music but its through youtube using apple tv and then watch movies through netflix.. its mixed use..i dont think i can turn audyssey off for music and on for movies. Can i?
  10. Funnily i get no distortion or clipping whatsoever till 92... did not go beyond that and yes Audussey lowwered the channels to -10 and -12 DB. Not sure about the the point you are trying to make (its not you its me.. i am new to this) Sorry..
  11. Thanks for your reply. I have a sub and the crossover is @80Hz so something that can play 65 or over is good. Just looking for two front. Something around 300$ +- 100 will be awesome. This is for inside..
  12. Which packs do you recommend for a speaker with high sensitivity that will produce SPL much greater than the RP250 with the same power input? I am guessing they have to be horn loaded. Something around 300$ per unit... (+=$100)
  13. Canot find them used. Is it possible to diy these? I did a bit of searching but couldnt find a lot of info. The speakerlab website is gone. Should i try diy this or the jubilee. I am in no rush. Not much of a carpenter but my buddy is very good with wood. Any comments?
  14. How do the RF 82 compare the RP 250? They are bigger in size... will they deliver better SPL? Whats the difference between the RP and RF series?
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