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  1. I am currently running RF-7 III's for my L/R channels in my 7.1.4 set up. I was wondering based on the horn/dispersion of these speakers, so would they be better as toed in/angled so both are pointing directly at the main listening position (tip of the triangle facing the seat), or less toe in so they aren't directly pointed towards the MLP?
  2. I was wondering on the difference between the RP500M vs. the RP600M for rear surrounds. Would there be any discernible difference between the two when using as rear surrounds? My currently setup is L/R RF-7iii’s, C RC64iii, SS RP502’s and FH/RH’s RP500SA. I currently have the RP500M’s as my rear surrounds, but wanted to see if it would be worth while to upgrade? I can upgrade to the 600M’s for very little out of pocket cost as I found a very good used pair. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hello all, I just upgraded my mains to the RF 7 iii's and RC-64 iii in my 7.1.4 setup. They are being upgraded from the RP8000f's and RP-504C. I also just got an SVS PB-16 ultra to pair with them. I will be switching everything over tonight as my left, center and rights just came in today after a month and a half of backorder. I was wondering what crossover would be best for the RF7 iii's/RC64 iii? I have read that it may be best to cross them over at 60hz due to the PB 16 Ultra not working as well in the 60hz and above region. Also, I am currently running a Denon x6500h and Emotiva XPA 7 Gen 3 amp. My currently layout consists of my 7 ear level speakers running off the Emotiva and the 4 heights running off the Denon. I am thinking of either leaving the current configuration alone with the new speakers, or possibly moving my rear surrounds off the Emotiva to boost the rest of the channels output from 200wpc to 250wpc. I am not sure which would have the biggest impact i.e. the continuity of the ear level speakers being run off the same amp, or the extra 50wpc the L, C, R and side surrounds would get by only running 5 channels. Any appreciate all the help.
  4. I if there would be any noticeable difference in power/sound quality between the NAD conservatively rated at 140x7 channels vs the XPA-7 Gen 3’s 200x7. The only thing I am considering other than the NAD would be to upgrade to the XPA-7 later this year. I want to make sure that my 8000f are getting plenty of power and my bed channels are all on the same amp.
  5. After selling my Emo and getting the T977 from a friend, it will essentially be less than $250 bucks to upgrade. When comparing the T-977 to lets say the Emotiva XPA-7 Gen 3, which I have heard at a coworkers and sounds fantastic, how would it compare? I have read lots of info that NAD is very conservative with their numbers and oftentimes they pack a punch that rivals much more powerful amps.
  6. I am currently running my 7.1.4 system off a Denon x6500h for my surrounds and height channels and running my c, r, l channels off an Emotiva a-5175. I can get a good deal on a NAD t-977 and was thinking about switching. I would run all seven floor channels off it and have the x6500h run just the heights. Per the specs I would be losing about 15 watts per c, r ,l speaker but gain quite a bit for the rest of the channels. I just wanted some opinions on how much of a difference this upgrade would be? I know NAD is highly regarded and oftentimes can output more than their specs. The N-977 is 140 x 7 at 8 ohms and the Emotiva is 125 x 5 channels driven at 8 ohms. I use the system for 100% movies and my room is 14x16. We sit about 9’ away from the front stage. My speakers are: RP-8000F x 2 RP-504C RP-502S Side Surrounds RP-500M Rear Surrounds RP-500SA x4 height channels SPL-150 Subwoofer
  7. I am currently in the process of moving from a 5.1.4 setup to a 7.1.4 system. I had a question on which channels I should run off my av receiver (Denon X6500H) and which channels I should run off my external amplifier (Emotiva A-5175). Currently in my 5.1.4 system I have my front left, right and center channels running out of the Emotiva and the remainder (left/right surround and 4 height atmos channels) running out of my X6500H. I currently have following speakers Klipsch RP-8000F for L/R, RP-504C for Center channel, RP-5000M for rear surrounds and the RP-500SA’s for my front and rear height channels. I am adding the RP-502S for my side surrounds. I am torn between whether it would be better to run the new RP-502S off the external amp and thus using all 5 channels on it, or to run them off the X6500H which would be running 8 total speakers at that point. I was not sure if it would be best to leave most power running to the L/C/R channels by only running 3 channels, or to run them off the Emotiva and freeing up some headroom for the Denon.
  8. Hi all, I just upgraded my set up to the new reference premiere series and had a quick question on the RP500SA’s that I just purchased. I am running 4 of them in a 5.1.4 setup. My set up has these speakers running as Dolby atmos heights (elevation) instead of the upward firing, or in ceiling type. My question has to do with the crossover switch. Since these are running as Atmos elevation speakers instead of upward firing do they need to be set up the Atmos phase, or the surround phase?
  9. Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my receiver to take advantage of the new IMAX enhanced format. I am doing the receiver first and then am looking to upgrade my TV from my LG C6 oled if and when LG supports IMAX enhanced. My current setup is as follows: Denon X4300H Receiver, Emotiva UPA-700 Amplifier, Klipsch R820F Floorstanding Speakers, Klipsch R34C, Klipsch R51M Surrounds, Klipsch R41SA x4 Atmos Speakers and Klipsch R120SW Subwoofer. I have the Emotiva running my LCR and the Denon running the rest in a 5.1.4 setup. When we move houses I plan on stepping up my system to a 7.2.4 system. My question is which Denon receiver would be best for my setup, the X4500H or the X6500H. I listen to movies at about -15db. As far as I can tell the major differences between the two are 125w vs. 140w, the x6500h is the only one with a dialog enhancer and the connections are gold plated on the x6500h. Is there anything else I am missing? The difference between the two is $509 and I am not sure if the differences are worth that amount. Also on an unrelated note, I have the Emotiva UPA-700 running my LCR speakers. Is this enough of an amp for these speakers, or would I be better suited with something more powerful? Thanks for any help!
  10. I dug a little deeper and it definitely is looking like I will need to bump my budget to $400-500. I believe I have narrowed it down to three amplifiers that should suit my setup well. The three I am looking at are the Audiosource AMP310VS $499 at Crutchfield, the Emotiva A-300 $399 and the Emotiva A-500 $499. Thoughts on these and which one would be best?
  11. I am pretty new to the idea of an external amplifier. I was looking at different amplifiers on Best Buy and Crutchfield websites. It looks as if there are some brands that are around the $350 price range. I believe some of the brands range from Behringer, Rosspower, Samson etc... I was also looking into the Emotiva UPA-200, but it looks as if that model is no longer sold. I am honestly not sure what I need, what brands are good and what power the amplifier should have per channel at 8 ohms to power my two R820f’s.
  12. Thank you, I appreciate it. I just wasn’t sure if A: the receiver was powerful enough (had a 5.1.4 Pioneer Andrew Jones setup before this) and b: if an power amp in the $350 range would make that much of an audible difference in my setup. If it will make a large difference I may go ahead and do it, but if negligible I will hold off. I forgot to mention in the previous post that my room dimensions are approx. 16’ x 16’.
  13. Hi all, My current speaker setup is two R-820F's, a set of R-51M', the R-34C, four R-41SA Atmos modules and a R-120SW. My receiver is a Denon x4300h. My question is if my receiver has adequate power for my speakers, or do I need an power amplifier as well? I just got these speakers and do not want to damage them by sending two little power to the speakers. I only watch movies with these and at the very most will have the volume on the receiver set to -10db, but mostly watch between -20db to -15db. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. These are my first set of Klipsch and I know they are efficient, but I am not sure if they paid well with my receiver.
  14. Hi all, I just recently purchased two R-820F's,a set of R-51M', the R-34C, four R-41SA Atmos modules and a R-120SW. I currently have all speakers set to small even the R820F’s (I think this is the correct setting as most people recommend). I am having a hard time deciding the crossovers for them. I currently have all speakers set to 80hz except for the R-41SA’s, which are set to 150hz. However I need some guidance on this. I am have read around and am seeing some people recommend the center channel crossover at 100hz to eliminate any unwanted bass etc in the channel. Also, some people recommend the cross over for the towers be 60hz instead of 80hz, 90-100hz for the bookshelf’s and 120hz for the Atmos. Can someone please give me some advice on where to set the crossovers for these speakers? I am a bit lost as to what will work best for them.
  15. I opened them both and they both have a brace that came loose in them. I don’t believe this will cause any sort of sound issue with them.
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