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  1. Wow! Sounds really great. What a great information!!! Can you give me his contact info? I'm also attatching a EV crossover which came from same unit. I'm very exciting!!! Ken
  2. Here is another unit from the organ. I also removed three speaker. Is this unit(picture) stereo? When I remove from the organ I cut two speaker wire which connected from this tupe amp. Also,I realized this is Baldwin organ not Hanmond.
  3. Thank you for your help. Here is what I got. I am trying to rebuild it. Is it worth it?
  4. Hello,there. My name is Ken from Nashville,TN I Believe you can give me some ideas. Recently I just found old organ from our church storage. I removed pair of Tube amp and three speaker from inside organ. I used to know some man in town who knows how to rebuild tube audio stuff. But I can't contact him anymore... Do you know anyone can clean up and rebuild for tube works? I am trying to use for playing a LP with that unit. I do own several old tube unit and listen with it my LP's. I believe Unit moved from Hammond Organ. Can you give me some help? I am sorry for my bad english writing. Regards, Ken
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