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  1. Bigbusa, believe me I know the feeling! Hard to believe but the last three ubid LF-10's just went for $369, $369, and $359. What a buy!
  2. Soundog, right now I'll be using them with 4 Quintet satellites and an RSC-1 center. I do happen to have two of these--a ubid strategy that backfired on me. Down the road sometime, however, I may end up with something a little more along the lines of your recommendation. Ubid.com seems to have a constant supply of a couple lines of, what they call floor standing, Klipsch speakers for sale. I'll be back asking for more advice once that points reached. I hope the Quintets and RSC-1 sound good enough to get me through the holidays and perhaps into Spring.
  3. Thanks. I should even be able to detect something that obvious. Remember now, forrest, be nice.
  4. Thanks forrest. I've got a feeling you're right. I too, hope it's not a leaker. Is it hard to tell if it's leaking?
  5. For all those gentlemen who participated and provided a great deal of help in that lengthy conversation some days ago, the dilemma is over. I purchased both subs from ubid.com for 389.00 each, plus shipping of course. Now, I'll get a chance to hear for myself which one sounds the best. I'll probably sell the other on e-bay. If I can't decide after hearing them, I may keep both. Is it possible to operate two subs at once if your receiver only has one sub-out? Thanks.
  6. ...And everyone, have a great Thanksgiving holiday!
  7. It's amazing that somebody representing Velodyne could provide such bogus information. Well, FedEx delivery just stopped by to drop off 2, not 4 as expected, Quintets from uBid. So now here I sit on the phone. I've already held for over a half hour listening to the same recording over and over. FedEx swears Ubid only shipped one box, so there's really no alternative. I've still got bids on both the KSW-15, "reserve met," and a nonqualifying bid on an LF-10. There not having much success selling those puppies. I read somwhere, either in this forum or another, that the LF-10's biggest problem and the reason they were pulled had to do with patent infringement. In any case, if they come down a bit I'm going to snag one of those. If things get too expensive with the KSW-15, I may be forced to anyway. At any rate, while I'm waiting for the auction to end, I'm going to check out those Sunfires and take one more look at the SVS's that seem to be getting so much praise. Thanks again for all the advice.
  8. Thanks Forest. I think a Velodyne dealer I spoke with last night may have been making the same point; however, he came down pretty hard on all Klipsch products, not just their subs. He told me that a lot of people on a budget buy a higher quality 8" or 10" sub to start, then later add a second 8" or 10." He said the sound coming from two smaller subs is better than a single 15 or 18 inch sub. In other words, smaller drivers equates to better sound. He also mentioned that subs should be as far away from the listening area as possible, so space becomes less of an issue. I know placement is another topic, but do agree with this philosophy? One more thing, according to him demos, subs that've been used, cost less and are actually preferable to a new one because they've been broken in. I forgot to ask him how two subs could be connected to a single receiver if there's only one sub-out.
  9. Thanks guys. Your views on both the LF-10 and KSW-15 are reassuring. It sounds like I really can't lose either way. Your statements seem to have a calming effect--something this string can certainly use. Now Forest, be nice.
  10. Thanks "boa12." If the price comes down a bit, I'll probably snag one. If not, the KWS-15 and Velodyne are both waiting in the wing. Hey "theEar," will you still advise me on how to set up the Quintets and sub regardless of which way this thing goes. Sorry about the SVS. I'm sure it's a great sub. If it only wasn't so tall, and expensive!
  11. Thanks "theEar," and "boa12," not to mention "colin," "dougdrake," "bacevedo" and, of course, "foresthump." You guys are a big help. I really appreciate the rumble. You've got it right, boa12. I've been bidding on LF-10's since yesterday afternoon. It seems that you can snag one for around $560.00, plus a ubid luxary tax, sometimes called shipping, of about $65.00. I've also got the first bid on the KSW-15 since I'm waiting for a consensus on which way to go, LF-10 or KSW-15. That auction ends Thursday. I didn't want to spend this much to begin with, but now that I'm in the thick of things it doesn't seem to matter as much anymore. I just want to get the best deal for the money. There's also the Velodyne FSX-12II BV looming in the background. A $599.00 purchase. I do know a couple things. First, the Sunfire's appear to be too expensive and the SVS, well, no offense, is just plain ugly. I know, I know, it sounds great. It's just that it would always be in plain view and a constant reminder to my wife of the money I spent. You see, this all started with the idea of upgrading from a Promedia 4.1 system to a 5.1. Don't say anything, but I've already exceeded the $399.00 cap that was placed on me. Still deciding.... I hope we can reach a consensus soon. Thanks fellas.
  12. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my time is split this way: 75% music, 25% HT. Thanks.
  13. Well gentlemen, it looks like I've momentarily lost the opportunity to buy the LF-10, so now it's between the KSW-15 and Velodyne FSX-12 IIBV. The first is going to cost about $425.00 to $450.00 and the Velodyne exactly $599.00. Both prices include shipping costs. I'm giving myself until Friday to decide. That's when the Quintets, RSC-1, and receiver should have completed their long journey from ubid.com. Your input's always appreciated Ear as well as yours forrest.
  14. Bryan, is onecall.com an authorized dealer? I visited the site once tonight but didn't see anything stating that they were. I'll check it out again, though. boa12, just looked at the SVS subs and I have to say though they may sound good, that's an awfully strange beast to have sitting in the corner. Talk about footprint! I'm going to check out the Paridigms tomorrow. Everything said in the dozen or so reviews this evening sounded good. I guess I'll have to sleep on it another night. Appreciate all the input, folks. If you come up with anything more, please let me know. Sorry about the SVS's, boa12. I know they're a favorite of many in this forum.
  15. Decisions, decisions.... boa12, did you read the thread posted earlier today about using coaxial cable to connect a subwoofer? How do you manage that? And what about wires? I don't want to drop a lot of cash wiring this system if I can avoid it. Do you use the infamous "Monster Cable?"
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