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  1. Anyone out there have a C7 center for sale???
  2. Any thoughts on the KSP-C6 for center? Is the KLF-7 WAY better? The back of my room is the seating position. Would there really be any benefit in 3 across the back??
  3. What would be your choice for center and rears?
  4. Cruzer - You're using the KLF-20's for rears?? Wish I had that kind of budget - I bet it sounds sweet -
  5. jeffgeorge - Thanks for the response. Now all I gotta do is cough up the $1350 (retail) for these beauties. The room is rather small and narrower then most (about 15'). Are the RS-3's for wall mounting? On another note, is there anyone out there that has a pair of Chorus, that feels the mids need to be toned down?
  6. I have a pair of Chorus and am currently using a Boston Acoustic VR-12 Center (actually sounds great) and a pair of Rock Solids for rears. Problem is with the RA's in back. BARELY hear them - Drowned out by the Chorus'. Any suggestions for rears? I am running an Adcom (stack). Anyone have any opinion on the BA for center???
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