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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for all the information guys. I'm good on not buying a movie theater. I'll post picks after I have everything installed.
  2. I appreciate the help. I'm moving to Gilbert, Arizona it very east of Phoenix; I currently live in Mesa, AZ. I'm all about buying brand new in the new house. I'm afraid of going to big for speakers but want a good all around sound. What series would you guys recommend for a starter system, that I will be satisfied? I have the pro media 2.1 set from Klipsch and I absolutely love it.
  3. Klipsch just has so many speakers and I'm not sure where to start. This is going to be a system that is hopefully not replaced until something goes out. Are tower speakers worth it since most of the speaking from movies are out of the center channel? We're really not going to listen any music in the living room just movies and video games. I went to a local retailer and heard the ICON series and were they nice. I want to make only one purchase and want to be happy. If I have to I'll purchase a couple of speakers at a time. I'm just looking for a nice overall sound that will suprise me everytime I'm playing a game or watching a movie.
  4. I'm on my way of purchasing a new house and I want to do it right in the new house. Right now I have two Mirage Omnisat speakers as fronts and a 5.1 Polk set to fill the 7.1 theater. I want to do all Klipsch in the new house. I have a Denon 789 reciever and I don't have too much to spend (no more than $1200 hopefully). I'm not sure what speakers to go with and I'm afraid of buying speakers that will be under powered. I don't have the dimensions of the new living room but it's probably 18X18ft. What do you guys/gals think? I don't have to do the whole 7.1 because most movies aren't coded for it, a 5.1 is good enough.
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