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  1. no no i only waited 5 days for the klipsch speakers. i have been waiting over 60 days for my new computer. ok spurs fan here ya go. old system p2 233mgz 4gig hd viper550 pci video card 128 mb sdram and thats about it. new rig. amd 1.2ghz 266 fsb fic ad11 DDR mb 256mb DDR (pc2100) 2x40gb hd pioneer 16x/40x dvd rom plexwriter burner geforce2 ultra w/64mb DDR tv-out 4x agp sondblaster live 5.1xgamer intellimouse explorer usb koolmax video cooling system kds av-195tf 19 inch (already here and waiting) nic 10-100 well thats it if it ever gets here. ahhh and lets not forget the klipsch promedia 4.1
  2. yeeehhhhaaaa, the 4.1s came today.i still cant hear them though i refuse to hook em up to this pos computer im on now. i been waiting 60 friggin days for alienware to deliver my beast. im dying a slow death here but from the looks of this speaker setup it will be worth the wait.....cya..........
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