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  1. Thanks, but that costs like $40 more than normal. Does anyone else know? Or I may just have to buy it from eBay. And can anyone please tell me about the durability with the S4's? I'm going to be working out with them and want to know how long they last.
  2. Is there any way you can ship to Canada? Because I really want the Image S4 and they only ship to US. I don't want to buy from eBay either, since i'm pretty sure there isn't any 2 year warranty attatched to them. Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone, I just want to know if the Klipsch image S4 earphones ship to Canada because I've been to amazon and I can't find anyone that will ship to Canada Alberta. Also, is the S4 durable enough to work out with? Because I've gone through quite a few earphones and I want this one to last more than a month . Thanks.
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