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  1. I have ALK Design AP12-600 + AP15-6000 for sale. $610 shipped.
  2. Yes, $610 shipped. It takes just over a week to be delivered.
  3. I forgot to mention, that I am located in Sydney, Australia, so shipping to US could be quite costly.
  4. Sorry for late reply, but GotHover has already explained.
  5. No need to introduce this networks. If you are into Klipsch sound, this is the best upgrade money can buy. Can be used for for most 3-way Heritage Klipsch speakers or other horn based projects. Perfect for Cornscala builders. Bought these for my Cornscalas . They are brand new. Plenty of info on-line: http://www.alkeng.com/klipsch.html Selling because of the change in direction. As Al stated on his site: "There will be a price increase on most networks starting with the following batch." Would prefer local pick up. Avoid long waiting list. Price drop: $610 shipped to continental USA
  6. Anyone? I can't believe there is such a waiting list, but no-one is interested...
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