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  1. I'd be interested but I'm more interested in what it will do. When I bi-amped my AL-III's and added two Rane ME-30 EQs (along with Rane XO), I notched the two resonant frequencies (around 2,000 and 5,800Hz if I recall) using the EQ. Even before this, I never noticed anything - although I was a bit timid to bring them to highest gain. Have you noticed a significant difference? My speakers are situated in a very large, 20ft ceiling space - does that make a difference?
  2. I know this thread is old but I'm in e process of bi-amping my AL-IIIs and wanted to know if you ever completed the physical wave guide form mod? I have a Rane XO on it's way, a C-1 preamp, a TFM-35x and M1.0t. As a first step I planned to bypass the passive XO for high and low and leave the notch filter connected (I'm not quite ready to tackle the active notch - I will have enough trouble adjusting the gains with these amps). After reading many threads on this topic it appears that I can get rid of all the passive components entirely! This is, of course, I can successfully mod the area around the ribbon to eliminate the need for any band stop. The problem is that I haven't seen this in action. Any insight would be appreciated! BTW - impressive documentation of your mods! It's inspired me to keep going.
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