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  1. I have an i-Fi system I haven't been using for a while. The subwoofer on the that system is fantastic, better than any of my other small subs. The RSX-3 satellites are very good by computer-speaker standards, but I have some better real stereo speakers. I was thinking of hooking up a pair of bookshelf speakers from Energy or NHT to the iFi. Has anybody tried this? I recall reading something here about the iFi having an EQ curve for the speakers, so I'm concerned that might ruin the sound when played through a fairly flat speaker. (Also there's the issue of impedance, if I hook up a 4-ohm speaker, but I don't think that's really an issue unless I'm turning it up to within 3db of max output.)
  2. So, I can buy a new DIN plug and it will have wires coming off of it? I wasn't sure if they would come with wires, or with terminals that you have to solder a wire to. If there are wires, I could splice them with wire nuts.
  3. I have 2 Ifi systems, one of which complete but other other has no sub and the shield on the din plug is missing. I'm talking about the piece of metal that surrounds the pins on the din plug which is on the cable that goes from the control pod to the sub. I was wondering, does this "shield" connect to anything electrically, or does it just help secure the plug mechanically and protect the pins? Could I get another DIN plug, rip the shield off, shove it into mine, and superglue it in place? Would that work? If possible, I'd like to avoid having to pay $34 to the guy on Ebay who does DIN plug repairs. I don't know how to solder. Are there any DIN plugs that can be connected to a cable without solder?
  4. I recently bought a used Ifi system. I was wondering, why was the I-fi discontinued? It was a good system for the price. Was it just too expensive for the market? Is it possible it didn't sell well because it was marketed as an Ipod system? It's really more of a computer-speaker configuration than anything else. That's how I use them. Bose sells computer speakers for a similar price. The Ipod market is probably looking for smaller, portable speakers. Also, does anyone have hard data on the failure rates of these? It seems half the ads out there are selling the satellites from systems with failed amps. Of course, you could argue this means it's so good that nobody will sell it unless it breaks. I'm concerned about the longevity of the system, especially since I was planning on using it for computer speakers which would be turned on much of them time. I'm wondering if it might be worth it to buy another I-fi to keep as a spare or for spare parts When they do break, can they be fixed at a reasonable price? (Less than buying another used set.) Does anybody currently make computer speakers this good anymore, at a reasonable price?
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