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  1. I guess Im looking for to much , I want to feel it during a movie like hit you in the chest type of feeling .
  2. Do you think the VTF-15H is decent , its got great reviews but Im just not getting the bass I want
  3. Vol=9:00 / phase=0deg. / Eq#2 / Q. Control .5 / Crossover freq 80 / Switch = Out Mine
  4. I see you have a VTF-15H what do you have the vol knob on sub at 9:00 ? also are you + or - on the level ?
  5. I didnt wat to tell anyone this , because I didnt want to look like a wimp . I read all these storys about moving these VTF-15H subs and I just laughed thinking what a bunch of wimps then mine showed up no big deal I slid it down the stairs while it was in the box flipped the box over and unpacked it , now Pete from HSU told me it is best to put large towel under the sub and pull the sub to the spot you want it . Okay that worked great until I got in the corner then I had to get behind it and use 1 arm and like curl it and pull all of a sudden I heard a loud tear in my arm then came the pain and then my arm turned purple and I couldnt move it , off I went to the hospital and guess what I tore my bicep well after 2 weeks it got better and I was moving my daughter and I had to carry a large tv down the stairs and I tore it again , next week I go in I might need to have my arm opened up . Lesson dont curl a 100 pound plus sub with one arm .
  6. Just moved them quick this morning , I didnt try and make it all pretty I will do that once I know if its staying this way . I put the subs on the side , and I think if it stays this way I will leave them on the side , so I can just slide them out easy if I need to get in back of the rack
  7. there almost 7ft apart and 1ft away from the back wall
  8. I know for sure that the other sub would not sound better in another location I tried over and over , when I just had 1 sub it sounded worse in the corner and sounded better on the right side , now since I have 2 this is not a problem no more .
  9. I have both ports open EQ2 otherwise same a you . I might try 1 port and see what happens
  10. I guess I shouldnt of said Im going to try a diffrent sub making it sound like my subs are no good , I know HSU makes a great sub and they have the best support . For music with alot of base they will give you a headache they pound real good , but for movies I dont get the low base " like feel it in the chest base " again it has to me the layout , but Im not going to put a sub in the best location if it dont look good there or its going to be in my way .
  11. Nope had alot of stuff to do thats my next project after my oppo 93 comes back from oppo getting repaired
  12. Very Often Pete is a great guy
  13. To be honest I really dont know at this point , I cant seem to get the low base I like for movies . I also spoke to somone else a few days ago with 2 VTF-15H also and there selling theres for the same reason . Im going to try and play around with it somtime this week again and if things dont change I will be selling mine also and trying a diffrent sub .
  14. Oh Bella is happy &spolied rotten. I also have 2 pugs I will post pictures soon
  15. I really enjoy my grey , maybe one day he will shutup enough for me to run audssey.
  16. Bud barks like a dog does this count ?
  17. Dont feel bad , I got room for my 64ll but no room for 2 amps and I just bought my stand 3 months ago .
  18. A1UC

    AVR or Amp

    Okay , Im all done Im keeping it all . XPA-2 for the front L&R and the XPA-3 for the center and surrounds. Now I can move on to other things
  19. A1UC

    AVR or Amp

    I have a XPA-2 & XPA-3 I think I have somone thats taking the XPA-2 if I decide to sell My XPA=3 is like 4 months old and it depends what I can end up with in pocket if I sell it .
  20. A1UC

    AVR or Amp

    I had them send me another SC-57 , I think Im going to sell my XPA-2 & XPA-3 and just use the SC-57 and see how it does , if I decide I want more power I will buy a XPA-5 and power all 5 ch at 200w .
  21. A1UC

    AVR or Amp

    Im just going just stick with the SC-57 and get it replaced
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