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  1. hows that Jay's... I have been looking at getting one of them... probably the CDM-4 equipped unit, but the CDT2 is also a great mechanism and I only want transport functionality.
    Lampizator seems to be using your dac in all it's social media postings.

    Jays is excellent, I'm using the RJ45 I2S to my Horizon DAC

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  2. My Hendrix copy sounds totally ahhhmazzzing!  Now I'm thinking again about that Miles Davis, which is actually a no brainer.  [emoji4]

    Get it ! :)

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    I love these amplifiers. I just scored a massive amount of transmitter tubes in the lot are like 20 816's. These are my faves. I also have a early 866 with out the cover over the filament. Never had a 866 Jr... Very cool....

    I got lucky to score those globe 866jr nos in box , Italy

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  4. That's interesting he is building a 71A amp for me that will be ready by the end of this month!!! 
    I am really looking forward to hearing this amp, it will be the last amp I ever buy!!!

    Nice ! Mine took a few months because
    Dave Slagle did transformers and there was a wait . Mine ships today

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