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  1. Thank you youthman. I'll try to upload photos. I've posted a while back and maybe bump the other one.
  2. For sale pair of Klipsch RF-83 kn cherry. Excellent condition!
  3. Wow...i can budge a little bit but with the condition, it's really worth the money... Thank you.
  4. http://southcoast.craigslist.org/ele/4209042035.html
  5. Klipsch rf 83. Photos on page 1 of thread...
  6. Final firm price. $1,300. Photos on page 1 of this thread....
  7. Thank you Boxx. Photos are on page 1 of the thread.
  8. Price is now $1,400! Buy them now and get free local pickup. Lol.
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