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  1. Bump and price drop for forum members: Black Satin KLF-30 w/boxes $850 sold Black RF-83 : $1400 CL sale pending Thanks for looking.
  2. Your right, it is a picture of a vertical Cornwall (stock photo from Klipsch). The photo was to show the shorthorn is about the size of the vertical Cornwall, I just have shorthorn. Thank you for clarifying.
  3. Weekend bump. I'm reconsidering selling the shorthorn.
  4. The shorthorn is about 24.5" x 36.5", it is about the same size as the Cornwall. They look similar too, at least similar to the orginal cornwall photo on the Klipsch website: For reference:
  5. I have been very lucky (and persistent) and bought/sold along the way to finance my next purchase(s). I have gotten some good deals along the way, but most of the time, I had to drive long distance for them. I did pick them all up in a Prius with the exception of the Klipschorns. But, it is a fun hobby and I have met a lot of great people including several purchases from other forum members. I do have a bit of an OCD problem. I got a few speakers, then I thought it would be interesting to have the entire vintage series (heresy, quartet, forte, chorus, cornwall, la scala, and klipschorn), still missing a few. The shorthorn was kind of a bonus and is in amazing condition. I love the Forte, I think they are often overlooked. However, now my patient wife needs a newer vehicle and some Christmas funds, so a few have to go. Good luck with your search, where are you located? I also listed on CL and was contacted by a person in Seattle, WA asking about the KLF-30s. I guess they are hard to find lately.
  6. Well, many would say it is surprising that I still have a wife. 18 months ago, I didn't have a single Klipsch speaker. Since then, I have driven thousands of miles and currently have over 13 pair and I have alrdeay sold several pairs (mostly to fund my next purchase). She has been very patient, so it is time to give back a little. I will still have plenty left and it will help score some valueable wife points.
  7. I need to pay for a new car for the wife and Christmas, so some of Klipsch gear has to go. I live in the Chicago area, zip code 60585. I prefer local pickup, since these are big speakers and that way you can test them out. Plus, I have a lot of other gear you can compare (not all of them for sale): KP-201, RF-83, KLF-30, Forte, Chorus, Cornwall, La Scala, original shorthorn, and Klipschorns. The following are for sale: - pair of black RF-83, good condition (some light scratches) for $1400 sale pending SOLD - SOLD pair of black KLF-30, I have 2 pair, plan to sell only one. The first pair are in decent shape (few snags, scratches, and cup rings on one) for $750 or a nearly mint pair with manual and boxes for $900 $850. I also have a smoked glass tops available with sale. SOLD - Oak Oil Chorus with boxes and glass tops for $750 $700. SOLD - Oak Oil Forte for $550 $500. SOLD - excellent condition factory made 1958 shorthorn model S-PR-15 with K-ORTHO-15 drive system in prima vera finish thinking of keeping. The speaker was tested Jan 8, 1958. This is the original shorthorn configuration with the University SAHF midrange, University 4401 tweeter, and a Stevens Trusonic 103LX 15" woofer. The last two Stevens Trusonic 103LX woofers alone sold on eBay for $393 and $500. - Pioneer Elite VSX-07TX (no HDMI) for $125.
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