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  1. Bill, Thanks for the info. You are a wealth of knowledge. You are going to make me look good! John
  2. I have been asked by a client to look at the reason for their auditorium not having even audio coverage. I found that they have 3 KI-362 cabinets mounted tightly together as their speaker cluster. Obviously the ones responsible for this installation did pay attention to the specs on the speakers when they mounted them in this fashion. Not to mention they don't cover the entire seating area. I'm looking at remounting them in a new pattern and wanted to find out some mounting information on these cabinets since I have never used them before and the closest I have been to them is about 25' below them. I mainly need to know how are they connected to each other in the classic side-by-side setup? I have not been able to find any information pertaining to the method of affixing them to each other. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. John
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