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  1. i wish he would get his just desserts, but i would say the most likely outturn is is that he will sell the Ipod, headphones and cellphone, and be about 80 bucks richer. im pretty pissed, i saved up my money to get that IPod. i just recently got a job at a Mcdonalds so im going to try and buy another pair.
  2. if the Restore the Ipod on there computer, it gets rid of the passcode. so they can still use it, and even if they couldnt that gives me no condolences, im not going to have the money to replace all that stuff.
  3. its password protected, but there were no locate functions on.
  4. my backpack was stolen at school the other day, they got away with an Ipod, a cellphone, and My New pair of Klipsch X10 that i had received for Christmas. anyway, does the warranty cover theft, because if not im kind of screwed.
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