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  1. Wow, that was fast, I got a response today. Great. Nevermind!
  2. Hello forum, I am writing here because I do not know where else to turn to. I bought some THX Ultra 2 speakers in 2009. I now live in Canada, and have a blown compression driver in one or possibly two (fronts), and I'm not sure what to do because Gentec is refusing to honor my warranty claims, saying I need to ship my speakers back to the US (in Las Vegas!) where I bought them. This is outrageous. I paid top dollar for my speakers from an authorized dealer, and I expect my warranty to be upheld. Has anyone else had problems with Klipsch warranties in Canada? I have valid receipts and the date of purchase is far within the warranty period of 5 years. If someone from Klipsch could please answer me so I can get back to enjoying these speakers, my TV sound sucks!! thx
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