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  1. Thanks heli001; please see the pic I just posted for Marvel. Peace - Rich
  2. Here's the pic; guess I better disco the bottom asap!
  3. Thanks, Marvel for the fast response. I'll try to post a pic; have to use my iPhone. Perhaps binding posts was the wrong phrase; the top set has a hole where you insert a screw after attaching the speaker wire. The bottom set has a headless screw to which you attach a nut after attaching the speaker wire. Thanks - Rich
  4. Please see my sig; currently, I have my Klipsch hooked up to one of my Marantz AND to my Dared; the former via the top set of binding posts and the latter via the bottom set as found on the back of each Klipsch cabinet. The Marantz provides phono, tape & tuner sources. The Dared provides an iPhone 4s source. I only run one amp at a time; either the Marantz or the Dared depending on the source selected. To me, the sound is full range regardless of amp\source; however, I am concerned that what I have done is create a pseudo bi-amp environment unconsciously. Are my fears unfounded? There weren't any wires to switch from one speaker term to another like you find on bi-ampable B&W's so no harm, no foul? TIA - Rich
  5. I've recently purchased a pair of 1975 Heresy l's to use with my 1972 Marantz 2010. I'm also thinking about purchasing a Jolida FX10 Integrated Stereo Tube Amp to take advantage of the addage "Horns really like tubes", provide an input for my iThing and my AKG K271 MKll cans. Your thoughts, please.[] TIA - Rich
  6. ty, rodrocket. The 1200B sounds (no pun intended?) awesome! http://www.classic-audio.com/marantz/1200b.html I've got the 2010 & 2215b. http://www.classic-audio.com/marantz/2010.html http://www.classic-audio.com/marantz/2215b.html
  7. Thank you for your candidness; I'm considering Klipsch Heresy's to use with a circa 1972 Marantz 2010. Having grown up in the late 60's early 70's; I remember having two complete discrete 4 channel systems. Also was a big fan of Henry Koss (& Ed Vilchur); as in Pro4AA, AR3A, KLH17, Original Advent Loudspeaker,etc. All of which I have owned along with that era's Marantz gear, Craig 4 Channel 8 Track, Marantz 6300 with Shibata stylus, CD-4 Demodulator, etc.
  8. My thanks to each of you for your responses:-) Rich
  9. I just picked up a 1972 Marantz 2010 Receiver and am thinking about using it to drive some vintage Klipsch because of the efficiency. I live in a townhouse so K-Horns are out of the ? What other vintage Klipsch do you recommend I look for? TIA - Rich
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