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  1. I am satisfied but a friend suggets me to get some Klipsch in-ears and I was wondering if I might upgrade or what. The ER4 is indeed ncie and my no1 inear so far. Yet I am worried it might die on me sometime and I wish tobe ons afe side. Thanks for the review suggestion, I will read it and see what the editor has to say.
  2. Hello There! I have recently crossed a review about the Klipsch Image X10i and they seemed to be very interesting. But right now I am not sure if this is the best chocie for me in general. I am mostly listening to rock, classical and metal music. So in general, bass has to be balanced and not too strong. I could solve it over equalizer I guess, but more natural sound is preferred. My current in-ears are the Etymotic ER 4 MicroPr. Any advise would be very appreicated! Greetings from Germany!
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