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    -Crites TI Tweeter Diaphragms
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  1. Clearing out some old parts. I have for your consideration a pair of Klipsch K-10-K subwoofers from my old Quartets. These are 10in, active woofers. If you search this site, you will find my thread from a while back where I went through the process of replacing these in my Quartets with new drop ins from the factory. You will also find from that same thread and the pictures below that one of the woofers is blown. The cone is pretty seriously damaged, but the woofer was/is otherwise functional. It should just need a re-coning job. The other woofer is in good shape. No structural or performance related issues at all. Both items have been stored indoors and have relatively untouched for over a year now. Look to sell either idividually or as a pair. Price: Functional Woofer - $50 +actual shipping Blown Woofer - $10 +actual shipping Thanks for your time!
  2. Sounds good. Knucklehead is interested in the amp, but that's the only iron in the fire at this point.
  3. Bass would not be an issue! Probably depends on intended use as for the need for a center. I tend to use them more on the rock n roll side and don't feel the need for a center in that capacity.
  4. I honestly don't know enough about those speakers to give you a solid opinion. I do know that the Acurus gear is top notch, clean power and signal. If your speakers need 100 to 150 watts a piece, I don't see any reason that these items wouldn't pare up well together. I will PM you on price.
  5. They are still available and they are, in fact, rock solid.
  6. Willing to listen to reasonable offers.
  7. Well, current market trends are holding...looks to be an exciting July though!
  8. Well, if current market trends continue to hold true, then this will likely still be around in July! Good thing is, I am under no pressure to sell so I can continue to use it until the right buyer comes along, or the right buyer's birthday comes...
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