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  1. Thank you to all that have posted....very interesting The thought of moving from my lovely Heresy's to some K'horns is purely for quality of sound and definitely not for loudness. Even my Audio Note of 8 watts can get the Heresys VERY loud if that's what I want...and if the neighbours are out !!
  2. Actually, three times louder would be 3 Bels (30 decibels). But Khorns are about 6-7 dB more efficient than Heresies, which would be a very noticeable increase in relative loudness. I am not after more loudness.... do you all think that the K'horns are ok at lower volumes?
  3. Thanks Schu for your response Do you think the La Scala would be more suited, or just really too big for my space? Thanks
  4. I am currently using a lovely pair of Heresy II's which are being driven very successfully by my Audio Note Oto SET, of about 8 watts... It sounds sublime However I have always had a liking for the mighty K'horns.. My room width isn't very wide, it's about 3 metres (about 10 ft )...!! Does anyone know if that is enough for the K'horns to sing or is it just too tight ?? Thanks for any help If my room just isn't big enough that's ok as I will just carry on with the Heresys.... and that's just fine!! I am really tempted by the mighty K'horn though.. Thanks
  5. Thanks Moray So 5w should be ok. The other choice i have is a PP 2A3 which has 18w but I am fairly sold on the SET route though
  6. Hi Can anyone tell me if a 2A3 amplifier giving 5w (using 2 x 2A3's per channel) is enough to drive the Heresy II's? Currently using an EL84 based SET of about 8w and that drives them no problem Thanks for any help Bev
  7. Moved my post to 2-Channel Audio
  8. I have an urge to try a 300b with the Heresy's I did have a trial at home of a 300b many years ago and found it very sweet but I didn't have the Heresy's then As I have said it is impossible for me to trial any tube amps at home now as there are no dealers locally that stock anything apart from Naim & Audiolab etc etc
  9. This is probably a million dollar question but: I am trying to choose between a 845, 2A3 or 300b based amp to drive my Heresy's I have only heard a 300b amp and that was pretty sweet (not connected to Heresy's at the the time though), I've not yet heard a 845 or a 2A3 based amplifier Any help greatly recieved Bev
  10. They are on the floor on flat risers. I did think of trying some rubber door stops under them to give them a bit of slant
  11. The other tube I am considering is the 2A3, does anyone have experience with the 2A3 with Heresys II's ?
  12. A couple of questions : I have my Heresy's on straight risers as there are no slant risers. Are the Heresy's better on a slant riser? Also has anyone heard Heresy's driven by an 845 valved amp, what was it like? Thanks all for your help
  13. Well I went for it and now own a pair of Heresy II's You are correct Daddy Dee they are far more detailed and articulate. I would also describe them as 'fast' if that makes sense I think they have a touch less bass than the KG3's but the bass is very taut. The midrange is so much better though They seem to really like the AN Oto se and it's 8watts seems to drive them with ease So far so good, I'm impressed [] []
  14. I can get a pair of Heresy II's 'new old stock' (boxed) for £600
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